No Funds, No Problem: Starting a Nonprofit from Scratch

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, starting a nonprofit would be as easy as planting a money tree. In a world where money doesn’t come quite so easily, starting a nonprofit with no cash can be a challenge. Luckily the task isn’t impossible. These steps will help you determine the needs of your nonprofit and solutions to finding the money necessary to achieve your mission.

What You Need

It’s always good to know what you’re up against before diving into a challenge. Before you file for 501 (c)(3) status and tax exemption, you’ll need to pay a fee that is dependant on the size of your budget. Since your nonprofit is starting out, the fee shouldn’t be outrageous. If your operating budget is $10,000 or less, the fee will be around $400.

Your organization will have approximately 15 months to file a form 1023, which is a form that assesses your nonprofit’s structure and programs. The form is necessary for 501 (c)(3) status. The standard fee for most nonprofits starting out will be $850. Additionally, to gain 501 (c)(3) status you must be incorporated, and most states charge a fee when you file for incorporation. Once you have filled out the necessary paperwork, it is important to know what you’ll need to file at tax time each year. You might want to review this list of IRS forms for exempt nonprofits.

Trust Your Mission

Gaining trust and supporters is often put on the back burner until organizations can raise the initial funds to start their nonprofit. Don’t make this mistake or you will end up elongating the process of becoming an official nonprofit.

Trust that your mission can help you earn money by connecting on a personal level with possible contributors. If they know and understand your goal, they will be more likely to help you achieve it. With more volunteers and donors by your side, the process of becoming a nonprofit will seem like less of a burden and more like you already have nonprofit status.

Use the Buddy System

Everything is better with a friend by your side, or in this case another nonprofit. Grant money seems like an easy and obvious option for a nonprofit that is still new. But grant money is not as easily attainable as you might think; especially if you have yet to build up a reputation. Look for a similar organization that can help you get started with finding grants. They will have a list of organizations that gave them grant money that would likely be willing to give to your nonprofit since your missions are similar. The government can also be a great source for nonprofits that need financial assistance. Websites like and offer places to search for nonprofit grants and funding. From these websites, you can specify which state you’ll be starting your nonprofit in, and find specific funding at the state and local level for your organization.

Finding another organization with a similar mission can be helpful in a variety of other ways besides finding grants, with tips and insight into everything you’re about to be doing. They’ve been through everything already, and should be able to guide you. The common interest in your goals will be an instant connection among organizations, meaning you’ll be on the same page.

Don’t focus so much on finding money and then starting your nonprofit. Instead, build your nonprofit as you try to gain 501(c)(3) status. If you’re passionate about your cause and people know it, they will in turn be excited to help you. But like we said, money doesn’t grow on trees. So, how did your nonprofit handle financial problems when you were starting out?

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  1. I want to start a foundation dedicated to my grandfather because he was the first person in my family who noticed there was something wrong with my right leg when I was about 22 months old and he demanded to my mother to get me a doctor immediately. My problem today though is that I do not have money to get it started and I really would like to get one started so more research becomes available to older people. Very little is being done for anyone that suffers from cerebral palsy and if nothing isn’t done, soon this will be one disorder that will forever be neglected. It is so not fair.

    • Once I finish my bachelor’s degree (this fall), I plan to get a graduate certificate in non-profit administration and hope to find a way to start my dream of beginning a non-profit for families with children or parents with disabilities. I was fortunate enough to experience taking care of my ill mother and physically disabled brother throughout childhood and I can’t think of anything else I rather do for a living than to help families like mine. I eventually want to be able to offer advocacy, school and medical liaison, case management, and mental health/ therapy services. Of course, this is still a long ways off (I’m just 21, and I’ll definitely need to get my Master’s and License as a Social Worker to be able to perform some of these things), and of course I will have to have the right time, funds, and location (I’m an Army wife), but if you or anyone who sees this are interested in becoming a part of this project in the future (Board of Directors, general ideas, donations, actual employment, etc), I definitely need the support!

      • Jerod Bagwell says:

        Would definitely be interested In helping to raise funds. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in Sept of 2014. Been thinking of trying to start a non profit for families dealing with autism and developmental disabilities. I’m planning a 400 mile bicycle ride next summer to raise money. If interested email me at

      • Ashley Ahrens says:

        hello! just wondering how long did it take for you to get your certificate and could you do it online?

        • suchi says:

          hai casey..even i have similar views and thoughts too..nd even having same doubts in my mind as urs
          …soo i hope u can help me out with this….

      • Diadra Lee says:

        I would love to help with this

      • Christa Preston says:

        Hey Casey, Did you ever start your organization? I am currently working on an organization that has a similar mission KultureCity. I run the international arm and am bring the advocacy and education you mentioned to Africa. Would love to talk to you more about your dreams. I also have a special needs brother

        • Fern Robinson says:

          Hey guys starting up an organization for some of the same things for at risk youth, young adults, single families with children and displaced women in need needing housing, mentoring, advocacy and other services. I would like to connect with you guys.

          • Rich Elliott says:

            Hi …… Fern I am trying to do the same type of non profit in NJ. I have a organization called the foundation helping me start up you should look them up they have been a great help. I must warn you that they do charge, but it was worth the money.

          • Nayirah Rai-nee says:

            You have a Facebook? Add me Nayirah Rai-nee’ or email me please at

          • Jamie says:

            Fern Robinson, did you ever start up your organization? I was looking into starting one to help my daughter get a home for her and her two boys. I found non profit organizations can buy homes for $1 to give away for charity. I started looking into what it takes to be a non profit organization today because I had the $1 however it seems to be finacially imposible to become a non profit organization charity, you would think it would be free to provide free things to others in finacial destress. When you achieve your goal and become a non profit organiztion I would be for ever grateful if you would take my $5 and get my grandkids and my daughter back into eachothers lives with one of these 3 bedroom homes at and maybe a 2 bedroom for me :)
            Hope to hear from you in the future -Jamie

          • Julie Leonard says:

            I have a strong desire and passion (as does my husband) to help people. The homeless is where I feel most drawn to help and my husband wants to help Alzheimers and dementia patients and their families. Hypnosis and
            hypnotherapy are evidence-based treatment options that should be considered for sufferers of dementia and/or Alzheimers. We are in the middle of a move to Kona, Hawaii and would like to figure out how to start a non-profit doing what we have a passion for…helping others. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start I would be forever grateful!

          • Monique Thompson says:

            Hello guys, I started a organization that helps families with children and the under-served community in Jamaica Queens. It has been a wonderful experience and I can’t stress that enough. We offer shelter for families with children , we also offer mental health and substance abuse services , interview preparation and resume building, Dress 4 Success, domestic violence services, family planning ,and housing assistance for people on the path to permanency , we also offer HIV/STI free & confidential testing and counseling all done on site. This is the most rewarding adventure you will ever partake in . The one thing that makes our organization different and what made us take off so very fast is that I will not let my organization become so political that we forget the most important part the people .. They are what matters the most.

          • Jason Bavaro says:

            Could you please please contact me I am in Manhattan I have a Hugh following of a organization in starting maybe you could call or I can come talk in person

          • Monique Thompson says:

            sure you can come on over our office is located @106-38 150th st, Jamaica NY, 11435, or you can give me a call at 718-291-4600.

          • Jason Bavaro says:

            I’m getting dressed on my way your going to love this what time you there till and do you have time to speak

          • Jasmine Berry says:

            one I admire what you are doing.I want to start a program myself for the homeless in my area if you could offer any advice to me at I would appreciate it!!!

          • Andrea Threadford says:

            Hello Monique,
            My name is Andrea. I am looking to start the same kind of organization that you have in my area for single and homeless mothers. Is there any information you could offer? Any information would be appreciated. My email is

          • Natalie Burrow says:

            Hi Monique! Congratulations! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to help others! Continue your best work!

            My name is Natalie and my vision is very similar to yours. My organization empowers people to prevail through their struggles of life by providing shelter and transitional housing for both men and women; homes for families; transportation; medical resources; job readiness; GED courses; and multiple streams of counseling. The thing that sets The Nurturing Team apart from the rest is caring for the entire family. Often times men and young boys are neglected with limited resources to help them recover. Helping families overcome as a unit will increase success! I incorporated my nonprofit in St. Louis, MO but I didn’t have the funds to establish my 501c3. I’ve considered saving my own money but that is taking too long. Then I thought about obtaining sponsors but wasn’t quite sure how that could work. After reading this article I see that is legal to operate as a nonprofit while establishing exempt status. How did you get started? What are your suggestions?

          • Monique Thompson says:

            That is so kool . At least we have the same idea . My housing is also for families, and we cater to men as well . We offer domestic violence services for men , as well as family planning that’s geared toward strengthening the fathers role in the family . We also offer individualized care plans upon intake for each and every client on intake . No two people are the same so like wise no two situations are completely the same . We need to make sure they are stable enough to maintain stable housing once they leave our doors so housing is usually the very last part of our program. Otherwise we will continue to see a repeat of the revolving doors we call the shelter system . I got started through my own funds . I am also a licensed realtor so i used my personal funds to fund my organization . I really wish you all the best in this endeavor

          • Lalia Inc says:

            Hi Natalie, awesome! I have a startup nonprofit and funding is confusing at best! Regarding exempt status….once your 501c3 is approved from the Feds you are basically exempt. I know you must file appropriate tax forms on time….I also registered with the Office of Charities Bureau in NYS. They have a bureau in every state. I also found out if you plan to fundraise in different states via email, in person events, etc….it is wise to have authority from those states. There is a multi state application whereby by you can choose as many states as you want. I am guessing in the long run this will assist any nonprofit if they decide to hold events in different states to raise funds as well as awareness. Best regards. Charlotte Bethune-Fisher

          • Teresa Chestnut says:

            Hello My name is Teresa,

            I want to start a non profit organization as well, for youth that were in a difficult situation as mines. I was recently in the system of foster care. I aged out this year! Maybe I could help you guys with any questions or concerns that you may have about youth in foster care.

          • Monique Thompson says:

            Good morning ! I used my own funds to start up my non profit. However in NY you really can’t aquire any assistance from sponsors or donations without that 501c status confirmed so i used my own funds to apply for it because as you know it is not something that will come in a week like your incorporation paperwork . If you can borrow from family, friends to get that 501c paperwork in i suggest you go for it .

          • Lalia Inc says:

            Hello Monique! OMG that is awesome! I am on LI and in the process of nonprofit startup for Transitional Youth aging out of foster care, but need continued support. I would love to meet you. Please email me a convenient time to visit in person. I look forward to meeting you. Charlotte Bethune-Fisher

          • Marie says:

            Amen Monique, we work with the homeless here in San Diego, CA. and it has been a blessing for us as well…keep up the AWESOME work.

          • Monique Thompson says:

            Thank you . I truly wish you the best of luck in the future as well …

          • Shawna Bunch says:

            Hi Monique,
            I would be interested in talking to you about guidance how I can do something similar in my area.

          • Walidah says:

            Hi Monique! Your organization sounds awesome I am looking to do something like that in mn and would love to speak with you

          • Tammy Woods says:

            Hi Monique your program sounds wonderful as it is so needed. I would love to talk to you and get some ideas as I’m currently working on starting a program for people women with mental health issues.

          • Karen Mann says:

            Monique, I would like to do the same thing in our community. We have shelter for abused women and a men’s shelter. There is a need for homeless women and homeless famiies. May I have a contact number for you?

          • Jasmine says:

            Hi Monique, I have been wanting to start a homeless shelter with the same programs and opportunities that your organization possesses. My city only offers shelter, but none of them offer anything to actually help people get back on their feet. How did you do it? I am very interested in learning to help my city. I can be reached at Thank you.

          • jenzion88 says:

            Hello Fern Robinson, my name is Jennifer Weaver and I am looking to also start a non profit organization for at risk girls and young ladies. My program will be to educate and mentor girls of all nationalities and ages. I am new to this so I would like to connect if possible. Thank you

          • Stephanie Burr says:

            Sounds great how are you coming along with this. I want to start a foster care youth shelter where no child is turned away and they have the option of staying till they age out. I see so many foster parents giving up as soon as an issue comes up making these kids go from home to home to home. They have no place to call home. No Child would be turned away. These kids aren’t being taught to survive once they age out. Would like to teach life skills, help with education give them a place to be permanent in. Please let me know how you are coming along. I am in need of some guidance of how to start

          • Teresa says:

            Aged out Youth is one of my main target populations of my non profit and I’m starting over in a New state of PA I wish you Blessings. These youth need all the support they can get

      • Jill Marcum says:

        Where are you on this goal?

      • Marie says:

        I am interested to hear if this is still your goal please contact me @ thanks may GOD bless this project and you as well amen.

    • Carolyn Di Donato says:

      There are many foundations for cerebral palsy my cousin now 42 was the post child several times. You should research foundation for cerebral palsy. Research has came a long way he has stood up for the first time in 40 years last summer. So there are great foundations, and research in that area. Is there something your having trouble getting help with?

  2. Shannon says:

    I want to start a foundation for kids who parents need a little break from dealing with just life issues that we all go though with kids who have problems a place where your kids can come so you can just get a little break for parents to have a little time for parents to go shopping take a walk even if it’s just I want to have a long bath just to have a few mintues for you

    • Cornelia Buchanan says:

      Hi Shannon….I have a similar goal as yours but I would like to focus on helping single mothers financially. Initially I’d have to start with helping out with a bill or two but my vision is to offer temporary financial relief, at least until they are able stand independently. Right now it’s just a vision until I can come up with the resources. I pray you are able to implement your plan. God Bless you.

      • Bridgette Williams says:

        Hi Cornelia, I have a similar goal and vision as yours. My vision is to help single parents along with the elderly. As a single parent on disability I know the struggles. Also as a daughter of a 90yr old mother and knowing other elderly blessings I know some of the struggles they deal with and not wanting to lose their independence. I’m writing my vision according to Hab 2:2-3 and standing on faith for the manifestation of my vision, every financial need, status, paperwork, volunteers, help that may be needed to come forth in the near future. May God bless you and your vision bringing it to light.

        • shannyn says:

          Hello. Bridgette my name is shannyn and i also want to start a non profit. Homeless shelter for woman and children while helping them build closer relationships find employment go back to school, and stable housing. I love you’re ideals.

          • Kamia Johnson says:

            Hi Shannyn and Bridgette, I would like to do something similar. I want to start an organization that will house single parent families and give them a support system, childcare, while also providing education, job skills and helping them become self sufficient.

          • Annet Kitana says:

            Hi Shannyn, my name is Annet I live in Kenya and a single mother of four children. I would like to start an organisation to help single mothers who are going through what I have gone through and help them go through life easier with their young ones.Please help me get grants here in Africa it’s quite difficult

          • adean says:

            High Shannon . I too am trying to start my own non-profit for the homeless families with children. I was in a shelter that helped my family and it had a HUGH impact on helping us restart and get back on track. I just feel the passion and the desire to give back.

      • Monica says:

        My goal as well… I lost my job an I faced major hard times went to various organizations for help, they told me in order for them to help I have to pay a large portion before they submit any monies., my children was out of power for days…I felt lost alone an afraid.. the town I live in has failed me.

        • Sabrina says:

          Hi Monica,
          My family and I recently experienced this same situation this past week. I had to contact the organization that actually funds the Energy Assistance program to get help. Because of this happening I am even more dedicated and determined to find a way to help families that need that extra voice.

    • Terri says:

      Shannon, you might find it helpful to contact the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery here in Spokane, WA. It’s very similar to what you describe in what it provides, and I’ll bet they could give you a lot of great information. Good luck!

    • Kim says:

      I have spent the last 10 years being a professional parent, raising children in out of home placement. Many of these children could have returned to their homes if the parents could have learned some new parenting techniques. I would like to open a non profit to teach parents how to parent. The sad truth is so many families are torn apart because of not having the skills to get the best out of their child. I would like to cut down on the amount of children being raised outside of the home and give the parents the tools to keep their families together.

      • Francesca Murch says:

        I absolutely love you idea as well as Shannon’s idea for a non profit. I completely agree with your views. I have seen to many parents that are overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to for help. It seems that in our society if you ask for help then your seen as a “bad parent”. Many of these parents will not talk to state organizations for help because they are afraid they will get their children taken away or they will be deemed unfit. I would love to start a non profit in OKC Ok for families that are low income and have been involved in the DHS system. I would love to offer “real” parenting classes. How to deal with children with behaviors, mental health issues and disabilities. How to cope and manage with the issues of a family that was separated due to mental health issues, and or drug/alcohol addictions. To offer reunification therapy between child and parents. To break the cycle and unify family units in a healthy supportive environment.

    • shannyn says:

      Hello shannon. my name is also shannyn and i to am interested in starting a non profit. My vision is for homeless shelter for women and children in my city there is a great need.

      • momo smith says:

        Hello! My name is Monique and my vision is to open a homeless shelter for women and their children.What state are you from? Funding is the biggest concern. Do you have people willing to be on your board and support you in your journey to reach your goal ? Hope to hear from you soon Good luck!

    • Jill Marcum says:

      Shannon that is amazing. Parents NEED that. I am a parent of a young child with Autism and I see the need for this.

  3. Annette Simmons says:

    I need advice…I am trying to start up a place called My Forever Home for keeping high kill shelters from killing animals….how do I do this?

    • ginoue16 . says:

      I am trying to start a foundation for Haiti specially for children that parents have no Income . To focus on their talents and give them opportunities that they wouldn’t have normally . Teach them about health & all of the diseases that existed around the world.

    • Jean S says:

      Annette, I have the same goal. My main focus is on the rehabilitation of semi-feral cats, and colony management. Strays, for seniors, and disabled.Companion pets. Where are you located?

    • Alexia Madrigal says:

      Hi, I’m in California and my passion is to start a non-profit for single women with pets. Statistics show women are aging alone with lower retirements than men. Housing is not affordable for women and along with their vulnerability, so many turn to their pets for comfort. I would like to combine the two missions. Housing for single woman who have pets. One of the requirements is the women must have a pet in order to live there.

  4. kerby says:

    I want to start a foundation for kids with autism I have 2 kids with autism they inspire me to help kids with autism by providing gift for Christmas, therapy, and support there parents we as parents to need to stand up for better our children they are different god made them for a reason I want to help kids with autism find there passion, and love who they are I need help please help me make a different in this kids life.

    • Beyan Flomo Pewee says:

      My name is Beyan F. Pewee from Liberia and i run a register non profit
      in Liberia called Youth Coalition For Education (YOCEL). YOCEL is a nonprofit, non-political,
      non-governmental, non-religious and a youth oriented
      organization with focus on campaigning, advocating and building the capacity of
      young people to stand and raise their voices for quality education. YOCEL is
      committed to the fulfillment of quality education for every child without discrimination.
      YOCEL is also committed to empowering youth and providing them the opportunity
      to be change makers. We take serious our responsibility to advocate, lobby and
      implement projects and programs that seeks to advocate and promote quality
      education, gender equality, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

      but i am looking for partners that i can work with to
      establish branches around the world like the US and other interested
      countries ……here is my email if you are interested : or skype me

      visit us @

  5. Rhonda McGhee says:

    “I am very passionate about hair and the overall beautification purposes of my hobby.”
    Rhonda McGhee-

    Hi my goal is to one day start an organization with this mission: “To beautify the community one head at a time”.
    By providing services to families in need, whether that is single parents like me who would benefit from my organization due to little too no income, including the many homeless people who are in and around our community, because I have been there too. Lets no forget about those kids who are waiting for a forever home, and the forever faithful senior citizens, the “Whole Community”, simply starting by beautifying one person at a time, one head at a time. Helping them to feel better about themselves and help motivate them and give that drive to be the best, they can be in and around their small community, city, state to maybe one day I am a self-employed disability Navy veteran with a degree in Business Administration, Master Cosmetologist/ Instructor five year old disabled daughter dealing with life issues seem unfair, when we get a bad break or things don’t go our way, but this is why I keep pushing forward because I know that” He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him”. Desperately trying to build a new life and be financially stable for me and my baby is an expectation….because failure is not an option. That’s why I want to give back to the whole community one head at a time.:#thewholecommunity

  6. Crystal Reed says:

    I am wanting to start an animal rescue in my community as we do not already have one and hope to help the animals who need it but not sure how to get the funding for it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  7. Kevin Barnett says:

    President and founder of If I Die Young – Non Profit Organization
    dedicated to suicide prevention, battling addiction, and self harm.

    Looking for any legal advice / funding to file our 501C3 status.
    If you have any advice, would like to support us in any way – that would be awesome!


  8. Lyndsey Hrabik says:

    Love all of the aspirations here! If you want to find out about funding for your organization and how much it costs to start an NPO, begin here—

    In February, we’ll have an entire course on our Nonprofit Hub University to take you from point A (the idea for a nonprofit) to point B (I’ve founded a nonprofit!). Check out for that. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask!

  9. tequiladm1 says:

    This was a great article! I so needed this because I am struggling in raising money for my daughter. She is 10 and she came to me in December wanting to start a charity. I have created a gofundme account but it’s hard when people around you don’t want to see you do something good for your community. Oh the charity fund is just in case anyone wants to help. Thanks!

  10. Brad Lev says:

    Im looking for some partners to start a new non-profit to help raise funds for local organizations by partnering with local bars & restaurants – let me know if anyone is interested…

  11. Linda says:

    I have an adult son that have autism here in SC. There is no place in my small town for adults with autism to go, and just have fun. Like maybe have a dance, or interact with other adults with autism. These adults are isolated at home most of the time. It is not fair. No one seems to care much about them. I want to open a place where adults with autism in my town will have a place to go each day and be alive! Have staff to take them on outings. Take the men to get haircuts. The ladies to beauty shops. Have their nails done. Every human spirit have something to offer to the world. These beautiful beings should not be shut away with shame. I know nothing of how to start place such as this. Can I get some help please. These beautiful people’s lives are being wasted.

  12. Anthony Manna says:

    My search ended up bringing me here and seeing all these comments for great organizations really gave me hope. I’d like to start a foundation to help children and teens (under age of majority) with problems at home. In most cases these young men and women can’t stand up for themselves because of age, misunderstanding, and fear of what may happen if they do try to speak out. I’m talking about mental, and physical abuse from parents or guardians. Anyone who’s dabbled in psychology knows about the disorders that develop in minors who’ve had troubled childhoods.

    There are options in many cases for these people to take care of the issue themselves. Say a school counseler, or telling the police. However, this can lead to more problems as soon as the parents hear about it. I’ve grown up with people who’ve been refused food for days, or have been so berated at home they can’t sleep at night. You can imagine how this affects the rest of their lives.

    My ultimate goal is to have a team of counselers, therapists, lawyers, and investigators all working on behalf of those who’s voice would otherwise go unheard, and give them a chance before it’s too late.

    I’ve known too many people who’ve taken their own lives because they saw it as their only way out, all before even reaching adulthood. It’s my dream to offer another option. Its a long way off but I would happily devote my life to making tomorrow’s youth feel safer, and help them have a vibrant and fruitful childhood instead of fearing going home and turning to much more drastic options.

    • Francesca Murch says:

      I love your idea Anthony. I would love to expand on that and unify the family’s. (keeping in mind only the families that are able to be unified) I understand that many times the abuse is extensive and families can’t be unified through therapy, mental health medications, or addiction services. I do know that many times abuse begins because no one addressed these issues. Also because many of these parents are scared to ask for help or admit that they are overwhelmed, addicted or stressed. So if these issues are addressed and a family can be reunited.

      • Anthony Manna says:

        That’s an excellent idea. It would really help the family as a whole if that was a possibility. Much more so than the kids being put into foster care in some situations. Most children and parents still have a deep love for each other and the separation may do more harm than good. I completely agree and thank you for your support and thoughts :)

        • Francesca Murch says:

          Where are you Anthony? I would love to hear updates on your venture. My family and I already have a non profit established. Now it’s time to fundraise and market the idea to the community.

          • Anthony Manna says:

            I’m actually in Colorado. But possibly relocating to Florida for work. I’m glad to hear you have your non profit established. I would love to hear how you did it all.

          • faithlessfate says:

            Is your organization trans* friendly? I’m beginning a non-profit mentorship for trans youth, you’d be a great resource…

          • faithlessfate says:

            Francesca Murch Is your organization trans* friendly? I’m beginning a non-profit mentorship for trans youth, you’d be a great resource…

    • Jen says:

      Hi Anthony, I’m based in Montreal and am working on a school project I came across your idea and having the same one. I know what its like to not have a “home” but rather just a house to go to. it effects everyone mentally and physically I would love to hear more about your venture and if you have expanded on the process of creating a safe place for children to go to. My goal for this project is to expand on children’s needs and hoping that this project will bring insight to my future plans of becoming a social worker and focusing on the safety of children before they get to a point of no return. Hope to hear from you soon.

  13. Tristan Williams says:

    Hi I’m Trying to start a program that helps anybody that’s in a struggle with drug addiction or just needs to just reminded that they are worth having around on this earth.
    I come from a small city called Port Orchard, Washington. And over the past couple of years I’ve had multiple friends overdose from there drug addiction and pass away. not only that but also suicide.
    I too once had a extreme struggle with drug addiction but was able to overcome this by having somebody simply be there for me. And showed me Love that I had forgotten all about..
    Overcoming this obstacles is within all of us who have or are struggling. I feel like Too many young adults fall through the cracks and are forgotten about because of the wrong they have done.
    I’m very well known in the community and feel that me and some select volunteers can really provide a personal outreach to these individuals.
    This of course is only an idea and I don’t even know if I can qualify for help with something such as this. Some insight is all im asking for and also ideas. I’m sick of losing my friends and loved ones to addiction and being alone. Just simply giving some buddy a safe place to rest and kick drugs and taking them out to eat, hike, to a,a, and just simply be there. Like I said this is a brand new thought to me and im not even sure how to began. so please help me and let me know what I can do…
    I’m not looking to make any money or anything.
    All I want is to do anything in my power to help.
    Thanks for reading

    • Ryan Coleman says:

      I se this post is a couple months old so not sure if you check this site frequently but I have the same goals I finish my AA degree next semester and and will hopefully start my bachelors soon after I now own a roadside business which keeps me busy 6 days a week as well as my four kids and one on the way I am 29 years old and have been fighting addiction for my whole life I feel I am meant for something more I want to help and make a change this is something very important to me and with the help from the community and our hard work and dedication we too can make change I have yet to start or even come up with a name but an very motivated and sure that I will will in the near future how has your journey and have you started up yet if so great and if not don’t give up the fight stay strong feel free to contact me via email or thru this site I just signed up not quite sure how it works but will check back frequently


  14. Vivian Palmer says:

    I am a nephrology nurse with over 27 years of experience. I would like to start a nonprofit that provide relief to caregivers and families of individuals that are performing dialysis treatment at home. Home do I start this process in Georgia?

    • Vivian—For information on how much it takes to start a nonprofit, check out this free guide—

      Besides that, you can find articles on Nonprofit Hub or check out our entire Nonprofit Hub University course on starting a nonprofit here—

      Wishing you great luck!

  15. shannyn says:


  16. Cathrine says:

    How do you start an International non-profit organization with a 501c3 status in the US?

  17. Deaf Talent Guild says:

    How do I start a 501c6 professional association with a membership consisting of talent? Where can I find funding for a professional association like this? Thank you for any tip or suggestion you offer.

    • The IRS has information on guidelines and things you’ll need to start a 501(c)(6). Check that out here—

  18. Faisal Alif says:

    I plan to start a non-profit for helping homeless veterans. There are many organizations that help the homeless veterans by giving them food. There are also many who have job opportunities for the homeless veterans. But my organization is going to focus on helping homeless veterans from the street get connected to these organizations so that they may recieve the help they deserve.

  19. Michelle Jones-Simon says:

    I want to start a woman shelter along with girls housing and boys housing so they can bring thier kids. don’t have land nor money but will do all work

  20. datch says:

    So…starting a nonprofit with “no money” is easy as long as you have money. $400+$850+Incorporaton and tax filing fees and gas money to travel to the other nonprofits to make connections. Some of us have great ideas and GENUINLELY “no money.”

  21. Tempest Bryant says:

    Thank God for this article. My nonprofit will be for mentally challenge /disabled adults. It’ll be like a daycare but will provide numerous of activities, field trips and education. I was wondering what deal degree will be best for me to pursue.

    • Luke Haverkamp says:

      Maybe I could help you get started. Email me:

    • chermone oldham says:

      Hi Tempest I’m cherome I have almost the same veiw on this I want to start a nonprofit program in my hometown and in every small town that the world has forgotten about where all our young are kill each other for lack of guidance And love and where I’ll daughters have no self worth I want to show them that everything in life start with God Frist. I don’t want it to be like church for them I want them to learn that anything possible with faith and believe I also want to have a place for them to enjoy themselves like learn to cook take care of there baby’s and their own appearance. Just to motivate and encourage By showing them that we care and that there is a God who love and is there for them always

  22. Luke Haverkamp says:

    If anyone is in Iowa, I’m looking to help a non-profit get started here. I am an accountant and looking to help with all the paperwork and IRS filing. Email me at

  23. Angela austin says:

    Hi,.my name is Mrs.Austin.I would like to start a foundation for the people who need food for more then a few days or they could only come once a month to receive it,.I would like to start a foundation for people at less once a week,i need help finding it,also finding free company’s that donated food to these kind of problem .Could you please give me some advise on this matter..

  24. Theater of the Universe says:

    We want to start a nonprofit organization to save an art treasure that was lost for over 40 years. A series of 16 spectacular paintings depicting the big picture of the Bible in briliant color. We are preparing to launch a campaign to raise the money for the project.

    Want to help? like us on Facebook

    Follow us on Twitter @TheaterEarth
    We need your help.

  25. Lacy L says:

    Just getting started. My vision is a foundation to recuse people and pets at the same time. I know there is the foundation for veterans and pets…. I want to begin this for other suicidal people in my area….people who need a helping hand…even random acts of kindness…. pets that need help… to be able to combine the two… pets doing good deeds… people doing good deeds…AZ…. have no idea where to begin with all the legal stuff… any comments
    would be great…

  26. Sandy Pacheco says:

    I have been working with mothers of special needs children in my area I send cards once a month two kids I have bible classes once a week and working on so much more I am hoping two become a non profit organization just don’t have funds right know and everything I am doing comes out of my pocket and it is getting hard two kid love cards up and going so hope I can find help soon thanks

  27. Lisa Joiner Kelly says:

    HI!! I was wanting to know can you have “funds drives” to help cover the cost of becoming a non profit?

  28. Antigone says:

    hello I have in set in my heart to start something for young girls from the age of 11-15 I really have been brainstorming and by doing research I have come up with so many ideas I feel a bit overwhelmed is there anyone who has advice for me..I need it

  29. Vianey Fierro says:

    Hi my name is Vianey in I just started my non profit organization for helping abonden mother and orphan children here in US and also Mexico. The name of my Mission is Vianey Alive Missions. Please pray for me and also if you what to help me financial, you can email me at
    Or if you want to donate for this mission you can due it at Bank of america for Vianey Alive Missions
    Account #3250 4909 8978
    Thank you and God bless you

  30. Mrs. Yoder says:

    My husband and I are looking to start a school. We want to make it turn-key so that other schools can be started everywhere. It’ll be a boarding school with local day school option and all of it will be on a sliding scale so lack of money doesn’t hold a child back. The purpose of the school is to find a child’s true potential and help them realize their goals (or even to realize what those goals are!). More importantly, breaking the mentality of victimhood in poor communities, letting children work at their own paces, teaching them to help each other, helping them identify in each other strengths and weaknesses (especially children with learning disabilities since they often have poor self-esteem), and educating them in the ‘real world’ vs the artificial construct that schools have made. There’s so many goals that we’re having a hard time breaking it into two or three sentences for material to give to potential investors and people who are interested in the school. We need teachers who think outside the box, specialists in learning disabilities, etc. We don’t even know where to begin with looking for a similar place to get advice from on starting out! lol Any help would be appreciated. Once we get the 501 papers done we want to produce a video for kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites to get the school built (or buy a building) and get it going. Anyone have any advice for us?

  31. constance7 says:

    Hey people. I need help achieving my dream.

    My dream is to open biggest Woman Center in the World to provide any kind of help any woman or mother need for free.

    Constance needs 2.147.483.647$ to make this dream come true.–2/x/11576618

  32. Lakeshia Armond says:

    I am wanting to start a non profit organization helping people with a 2nd chance. We all know someone who needs help, I was one of them, and I really got blessed with an amazing couple who took me and my daughter in. I want to give back. I am in the process of finding funding to start this organization, and researching to complete my business plan. I have thought about it over and over of a system to help people who need a 2nd chance, and it finally happened, just needs the funding. You can contact via email at for an overview of the program.

    • lisa bowen says:

      Hello, Lakeshia I love your idea and like you I was a person who needed a second chance. I had this desire for a goal but a lack of funds kept me from tackling the dream I would love to have transitional housing for women escaping from domestic violence.

      • Lakeshia Armond says:

        Thanks Lisa for your comment. I am so excited when my idea is up and running. If you have any ideas that can help me, it will help. And not even that, but to you as well in fulfilling your dreams.

  33. Jimbo says:

    I want to start a non-profit to save my Mother’s home since she has become bed-ridden and suffering from various ailments.
    Im now in the position to pay all her bills and she makes very little from SS. If I had the capitol to invest I would have. I could fill a retail space and at least one load or more of scrap metal every month with items I come across when I’m mining internet waste streams. I could offer a percentage of the procedes to different charities every six months so I can help a variety of humans and animals. diabetes foundation would be the first charity.
    I can hire another driver to help increase inventory levels.
    the city i live in wants a cut , so that might derail me since Im on a shoestring budget.

    • Antonia Jones-Storey says:

      I want to start a nonprofit organization that is called “Finding My Way” it is to help abused foster kids find their way into a better life. I was a foster child and I want to give back it will be good to tell my testimony and let foster kids know things will be better and let them see there is hope, but the only problem is I don’t know where to start so if someone’s out there that can help me please let me know…

  34. Shanna Steienrt says:

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  35. Shanna Steienrt says:

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  36. Shanna Steienrt says:

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  37. My Maternity Closet says:

    I started a clothing closet specifically for Maternity Clothes and so far in the 8months I have been operating I have helped 15 expectant moms. I started out asking for clothing donations and I had a huge response from the community. I am now hoping to acquire 501(c)3 status

  38. This is where I’m at with raising funds, when trying to get your 501(c)3 completed. It’s maddening.

  39. Alivia says:

    I am 16 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia… I want to start a non-profit organization using photography. I want to help people who have disabilities, terminally ill, and or hard just going through hard times. I want to be able to show everyone no matter how your life is a picture is still worth 1000 words. I have been working on this for weeks now and I just want this to start up! I love photography but I also love helping someone smile!

  40. Preventing the World of Stroke says:

    Hello Guys,
    I have created my organization called Preventing the World of Strokes. the website is on
    My goal at the moment is to become a non-profit organization but to do that we needed funding. We really need the help to make our dream come true. Help spread the word!
    Our goal is to help prevent strokes from occurring, and to do that, we need your help to get things started. More information is listed on the website!

  41. Minda says:

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on building my nonprofit organization with the help of 3 kids.

    Our Vision:
    To promote a society of compassionate individuals with a common goal of sharing “ALOHA” for families in time of grievance.

    Our Mission:
    Providing emergency travel assistance for individuals across the nation
    whose loved one is in a healthcare crisis.

    In the event of a death or imminent death in your immediate family, you may have to travel on short notice and without the financial means. We understand that the loss of a loved one can be devastating, with the added stress of planning an unexpected situation where last minute travel is required. Sadly, not everyone has the means to do so on such short notice due to monetary situation.

    We at Sharing Aloha Foundation are here to offer you a defray airfare (bereavement or compassion flight) to travel and be there with your loved one(s) in time of grief. We strive to make things a little easier for you and your immediate family members to cope with the circumstances by offering last minute fares at NO COST to you and your

  42. Ann Murray says:

    My name is Ann I have several ideals I want to help out the miltary psd an open up like a Ronald McDonald house not for kids but families that have to travel out of town an need a can’t afford to stay in a motel where they can stay have childcare food until their live ones get out an shelter for abuse women with their families

  43. Ashley says:

    I am currently in the research stage. I am wanting to start a non-profit in North Carolina. I want to create a tiny village for disabled vets, those whose disability was denied and homeless families. But I want to also help these people with growing a garden, raising livestock and just helping beyond getting them a place to live. That is a good start but doesn’t help with all of the problems that face the homeless community. I’m just stuck because I am creative and business savvy enough to make this work but have very little knowledge on non-profits and raising money.

  44. Krystal Levingston says:

    Hi guys, I’m wanting to start a prostate cancer foundation for my father who passed away from it when I was 11 years old. I’m not sure what route I want to go with it yet, the problem i’m facing now is that I’m dead broke(college student), but I was thinking that I could get some sponsors from my hometown(Huntsville, Texas) as well as his hometown(Mexia, Texas). The idea to do this came to me about two years ago, but i’m really wanting to get it started within the next year or so. If anyone has any ideas or steps I should take, or are willing to help, please let me know!

  45. Vanessa says:

    Great resources and people here. I’m in Phoenix and I would like to start a Non-Profit program for kids to join for free, to teach them how to become leaders in their communities through outreach, volunteer, and philanthropic work. I believe helping to develop altruistic children is one of the bests ways to begin to tackle the problems of the world. I would really love to find a group of people to help me with this vision. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find people locally to join your cause?

  46. Sean Donrad says:

    I am an attorney in California. I can help you to start your
    non-profit organization. My fees are reasonable.
    Please contact me at
    Please call me between 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

  47. Shantaya Gibson says:

    I started a non profit here in mobile, al. Our services are dedicated to cleaning the home of cancer patients going through treatments. We want to take the stress off of the patient and the families. We are incorporated but we want to apply for the 501 c3. Currently we are looking for ideas on raising money so that we can apply. Do you all have any suggestions? We are on Facebook faithful cleaners of mobile, we have created a go fund me account but have not had any success.

  48. April says:

    I want to open a non profit for the homeless men women and children helping them get on their feet find jobs and make sure they have everything needed to succeed in life

  49. Raptorx Xray says:

    My name is Stephen (currently homeless 35 years)
    and I have raised $100,000 pledged and I am short $100,000 to begin a FOR
    PROFIT company with the goal of later opening a NON-PROFIT COMPANY. Both
    companies are geared to help toward ending child forced labor (slavery) and to
    aid orphaned street children of less privileged countries in the world by first
    evangelizing and sharing the word of Christ and secondly by bringing employment
    and education to the children through various resources. I am seeking funding
    to bring this into fruition. If you have a heart and the resources and desire
    to help Please contact me. Just Think if only 100 true Christians pledged
    $1,000 dollars each would raise $100,000 bout the cost of 2 IPhones each)
    Please! if you knew that, then contact me and just say- “Yes, I know, and
    because I know I want to help and here is my gift to help in the cause to end the inhumanity,fight
    poverty, child abuse and end child slavery”… When I open my business I would like to
    have a wall. I would like to call it the “Wall of Saints and Angels”, it will have all the
    names of those who cared and gave donations, and they will be mounted
    permanently into the wall. However, much more than this I pray for all those
    who will give to have their names along with many others “Written into the
    “Book of Life”. May God Bless and bless abundantly all of you who are
    sharing their Love in wanting to help others. I ask for your prayers that my endeavors bear
    fruit, just as I have prayed (just now) for all your Loving aspirations to come true for you!

  50. Ian Kabat says:

    Hi everyone, I have started a nonprofit to give less fortunate kids access to the Arts, art supplies, music and dance equipment, tix to museums & shows ect. and we just got our 501. Does anyone have any advice on the best way get some seed money to start ramping up. My board of directors have helped with the lawyers fees and a few other small things but we are all artists we need some funds for awareness to get our name out there. Is that some that will come out our pockets?

  51. Charles Presley Jr says:

    Looking to start a educational program that targets youth males at risk of from single parent homes with absent father’s. Focusing on mentoring, tutoring, entrepreneur information, sat prep, college applications, college tours, debt responsibility, and the impact drugs have in our communities, using or selling. Giving them something to look forward to besides prison or early death. Breaking the cycle from previous generations.

  52. Addline Holman Bova says:

    My goal is to start a non profit that serves as a clearinghouse for resources and education for kids with childhood apraxia of speech. Finding a physical location and funding for it are my biggest obstacles right now.

  53. Tiffanee Brinkman says:

    I have started feeding the homeless with my own money. I have a few small donations from some friends. I want to make this much bigger. It’s so amazing feeding people who have fallen on hard times. Someday I hope that I can start a homeless shelter. Bless you all.

    • Katrina Owens says:

      Hi Tiffanee I saw this post and it really touched on why I’m looking to start my own non-profit organization to help not only the homeless but our Veterans who fought for our Country but are now living on the streets with no where to go. Some even need psychological help but don’t know where to go… My heart hurts every time I see someone on the street with no food or place to sleep. I’m not sure what area you are from but I’m from the Los Angeles area actually one of the biggest city with the most homeless. I would love to reach out to you or you can contact me to see if we can maybe come together to see what we can do to help our homeless community by ended it.. Also need to know how I can start my organization and resources that will help. My name is Katrina email

  54. Ricky Rembert says:

    Hello, I am a U.S. Air Force VETERAN who is currently campaigning for donations to help with intial costs and start up fees. My foundation is gonna focus first on helping homeless and hungry people survive and to improve their situation. Please if you would like to help out, read and donate! But, at the very least, share this on a site like Facebook. The more people that know, the more likely someone will help. Here’s the link….

    Thanks in advance!!! And GOD bless!

  55. nakiesha says:

    I would like to start an organization for the homeless and families in need there’s a lot of programs out there that really doesn’t help. I would like to start something that can help young mothers or troubled teens that turns to the street. I advocated for myself pretty good for myself knowing that me and my children were homeless and they kept denying everywhere.

  56. Kevin Price says:

    Good morning to everyone. I started my new career path as an insurance agent a couple years back mostly dealing with seniors. Since that day, I’ve been blessed to meet so many and share stories and family. As an agent being invited in their home, I’ve also seen huge struggles seniors are going through, some I can’t understand how they even make it financially day to day, deciding on wether to turn on lights or a/c or to buy a very modest amount of food for the month. Cars broken down in need of repair, homes in need of repair, some desperately needing food. These aren’t the people you see holding a sign on the corner. Most cases too proud. Some handicapped or have health issues. So many issues-all behind that front door we pass each day in our cars. You would never know their living conditions if it weren’t for that chance invitation to come into their home for a short visit. This ongoing issue with so many has led me to start a non-profit to help these seniors. There everywhere. Struggling, some alone. Any assistance or ideas would be appreciated.

  57. Jasmine Berry says:

    I lost my home and everything becoming a domestic violence victim.I am now getting my life back together and want to start a program for the homeless because the department of social services and the programs in my area are HORRIBLE.I’m going to actually help people not only endure safety but become goal oriented and enjoy one would do it for me but I’m doing it for the people that need my help.

  58. A Place For Me says:

    Wonderful ~ we are based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a youth mentoring foundation for girls age 9-18. Our mission is to Empower and Uplift our Youth. Becoming non profit is a long process but so worth it. My only issue is the money to become tax exempt through the federal side. I wish everyone much success. Check out our FB:

  59. Ciji Dugars says:

    Hello everyone, My now 11 year old daughter and I started a non profit organization last year. We help families and individuals with limited to no income. We also help the homeless throughout the year. We are now looking for grants to obtain a physical location for our organization. All of the items we have that we give is stored in our home. If anyone knows a start up grant website please let me know. My website is and our email is

  60. Catherine Freed says:

    I ‘m just beginning my quest to learn what’s required to start a homeless shelter for families with children in the Dallas, Tx area and would like to connect with like minded individuals who can give me some much appreciated advice. I would like to shelter intact and single parent families and connect them to needed resources in the community, as well as provide job readiness skills, child daycare, clothing and home essentials, referrals, counseling, housing referrals, and home ownership programs. This is my first step towards a dream that has been in my heart for years. As someone who has been in their shoes I know I will be able to encourage the people entrusted in my care from a compassionate humane nature that I rarely saw demonstrated myself. Thank you in advance for taking the time and effort to steer me in the right direction and may God bless each and everyone of you willing to make your world and community better tomorrow than today.

  61. Gina Dixon says:

    I am now in the process of starting my own non-profit, I want to open a house that caters to foster children and young adults who are having trouble with becoming self sufficient. These teenagers age out of the system and are forgotten about. These are the kids who become statistics, my program will help them get the skills they need to become an independent adult. My parents have been getting foster kids all my life and the story is the same around this age. My program is going to change that. I hope to be up and running very soon. The start up is a problem I am a mother of 6 so money is rare, however I not giving up on this idea.

  62. ashley miller says:

    Hello I’m in the process of starting up a non profit for needy families and children. I’m starting from scratch and would love any tips or info anyone has to pass along. At one point I was in the position where I needed help and have always loved helping others. My children are going to be a big part of this organization aswell. Again I would love to chat with anyone willing to pass down some helpful info.

  63. Michael Gutierrez says:

    I woke up one morning and started looking around the city where i live and started not to like what i saw, it was the less fortunate people that was dealt a bad hand in life which keep them down and out and they finally gave up. I believe with all my heart that everyone deserves a second chance to make a difference in life my organization will provide that second chance for homeless, less fortunate, homeless youths, I realize that turning our back on people is just not right cause it very well could be you in that situation we will also provide living quarters,reeducation,staffing, drug free facility, counseling for mental or physical problems, provide second chance at a new start, job training, the people that will be help will up keep the facility, there will be a kitchen that they will serve the residents there also they will clean the facility cause bottom line everyone know how to do something to help out. then job placement will take place and finally they can stand on there own two feet again this is my mission statment.

  64. Sarah Mutua says:

    Hello my name is Sarah Mutua and am a Kenyan. I want to start a foundation that helps women and the young generation in Mwingi district in Kenya.School drop out level are high because this area is a drought striken, crop failure, malnutrition among children and starvation is the order of the day.
    poverty rate and drought that cause the young people to leave their rural homes in search of work and others that endup dropping from school to do manual works hence less development in this region. The girl child faces alot of challeges eg genital mutilation is done to girl at the ages of 7 years and above. It pains me to see my community suffer when we can be of help to them. All are welcome to share on more ideas and thank you. Sarah Mutua

  65. Maureen Hyman says:

    I am owed money by a non-profit organization that has now reorganized under another name and some new board members,c an I still collect?

  66. Jim H. says:

    I am very interested in setting up a non-profit Fitness and Wellness Organization. I have battled with weight issues my entire life and am now helping an informal group of people online lose weight and get in shape. I think it is time to bring this team a little more structure and I think creating a Non-Profit might be the answer.. I am in So Cal. Any suggestions?

  67. Leslie Hughes says:

    I want to start a non profit for Veterans. I went back to finish my bachelors in Rehabilitative and human services. As a veteran myself this is important to me there shouldn’t be homeless veterans, veterans unable to get health care, find decent jobs. As another Veterans Day arrives I wonder how many more will find themselves searching for shelter, a decent home, dinner. I know they have places but they are already overwhelmed, I live in a small town so this would be perfect. We have a VA center but I would just like to be stepping stone where they could come, I could get them started in the right direction and continue to help. I just need to find out how to get started.

  68. 2ND CHANCES 4 FELONS says:

    My name is Mae Hughes, and I started a program in 2010 2nd Chances 4 Felons (2C4F) I am wanting to expand my business BUT I am unsure of what to do or how to do it. If anyone is willing to talk with me via email, or through my program’s FB page I would really appreciate it. I have worked extremely hard on my own, paying out of pocket for everything. I really need help because I know God didn’t bring me this fr to leave me and I don’t want to throw in the towel on something that has not only helped others change their lives but myself as well. To learn more about me and my program please visit this page of my website I do not know if 501c is the best option for me, or what I should do. I just know that I need help, I have relied on myself, what I learned while obtaining my degree, and God to get me this far BUT I really need a helping hand. I hope someone finds it in their heart to give me one. I am looking for advice mostly so if you have any please take a minute to contact me please. My email address can be found on the Contact Us page of my website. Thanks for taking time out to read my post. God Bless :)

  69. Nick says:

    I feel like I’ll be coming to this website a lot.

    I want to start a nonprofit mentoring agency here in central VA that uses the performing arts as its main model. I want to bring spoken word, dance, music, and theater to the front of this community as an opportunity to engage middle and high school youth. But I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Check the website if you like at!

  70. tay says:

    Im trying to start a business helping EVERYONE. Not just the homeless or disabled, EVERYONE! From bullied to diseases to domestic violence etc. Ive been going through life wondering what im going to do with my life. I would always ask myself “what do i want to do”? Or when someone years ago would as me “what is you future career”?…..i could never answer those questions. Then one day i was coming out of some store in Atlanta and i seen this homeless guy walking around asking for money or food. There was a lot of people around where he and i where, people who you could tell had at least a couple dollars to give the guy. Every last one of them he asked denied him saying “no i dont” And others didnt even give he a chance, they hurry away quick just so they didnt have to speak to him. The look on his face after being denied by all those people tore my soul to pieces. So i walked up to the man and gave him all the money i had on me at the time. (20 dollars) That sad face quickly turned into a teary smile And at that very moment i knew what i wanted to so with my life. He thank me and ran into the nearest restaurant in that area. That was the most single best feeling i have ever had in my entire life and it saddens me that people can be as heartless to walk right pass these people. HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE HUMAN TOO! But everyone treats them like animals. The faces they make and the jokes they say behind there back or right to there faces… is truly sad. Then i realised that there are far more people in just not homeless people but other too, bullied kids, depressed people, suicidal people, people with disabilities or sicknesses that cant affored treatment, etc. Nothing brings me more joy then to see people happy. To know that kindness and caring still do exist in this crazy thing we call life. So if anyone can help me make this dream a reality please, please contact me whenever possible: or send me a message on my instagram: Lost_Voices_of_America

    Thank you.

  71. tiffany johnson says:

    I am trying to start up a non profit organization for disabled children’s or become a case manager or an advocate for individuals. My inspiration is my son who is permanently disabled and have a short life span. I am a senior graduation Dec 12 2015 double majoring in Criminology and Sociology. I really need help on where to start any help will be greatly appreciative. My name is Tiffany and my email address is

  72. Katrina Owens says:

    Hello I’m reaching out to those who can give me any advice on how to start my own non-profit organization for our homeless Veterans. We celebrate them on Veterans day but our country is doing nothing about the fact that a lot of them are homeless living on the streets with no where to go or food to eat. If any of you who have succeeded in starting your own organization please reply to my post. Thanks in advance and God bless you all !!

  73. Nick Savage says:

    So how does this relate to no funds. You need to reword your title to be truthful.

    • Nick, Thank you for your response. I don’t believe the article title to be misleading. The money talk in the first point is so that readers know what they’re up against, not necessarily implying that they already have that money. Then, they would need to go out and find supporters to cover those costs, as discussed in the next point. Use mentors, research grants, find new supporters—but be aware about just how much you’ll need to get started. This doesn’t mean you have to put your own money into the startup costs. I hope this helps. —Lyndsey

  74. Dobbie Herrion says:

    Hey Everyone,
    First of all, let me compliment everyone on being brave enough to follow your passions and start your non-profit! I’m in the process myself and as I’m developing my business plan, I came to the financial section and got stuck. I’m starting a non-profit dedicated to helping prepare job seekers for employment by providing the technical skills and social skills needed to be successful, as well as professional business attire. My question is, does anyone have or know of a similar program and if so, do they charge a service fee of some sort? Structurally I’m still trying to figure all of this out before I start looking for grants or fundraising ideas. Feel free to contact me directly at

  75. Clarity says:

    Start up is not easy. This is an ambitious non-profit, but it needs addressed in this country!!

  76. Tracy Johnson says:

    hello i want to start up a place young woman who is experiencing unplanned pregnancy and need that extra hand my place will provide free pregnancy testing ,ultrasounds,clothes for the baby and mother,formula ,sex education,parenting classes for both mom and dad if he is involved ,prayer,counseling ,mentoring i just dont know where to start or how can anyone help if so please email me @

  77. Gabe says:

    I am a 14 year old that has a friend with a large family and more siblings coming they have a very small house and expenses are high. I’m a freshman at a private school and my goal is to raise enough money that by our senior we will having his graduation party at a new house where they don’t need bunk beds in every single room. Any tips, anything could help.

  78. Terry Carmack says:

    Hello…I have had a dream for years to help the homeless…I firmly believe that if given the right help we can help the homeless get to a point of working and taking care of them selves. Can all be helped? no but every person helped is a wonderful thing….I have a huge idea how to accomplish how I would like to approach this but realize it will take a lot of money..Something I dont have…..Im thinking a whole lot more than offering a bed..Im thinking respect, the idea of giving a person the feeling of self worth, guidance. Problem is I dont know where to start or how to raise funds to start this, To make this work I would need a building such as a hotel with space for classes, laundry, Kitchen and dining area, offices, Shuttle services, so need a small passenger bus, a small apartment building….I have a hole idea of what Im looking to do and maybe Im crazy but I seriously think I can make a go of this….There are a lot of details Ive left out but would be happy to discuss with the right people…. All this to say who can I talk to that can point me in the right direction…


    Hello. I want to start a shelter, what do I need to do to get this started. It would be local at first helping the ones that we have at home in a small town that doesn’t have family and friends to live with. I want to know what steps i could take to do this type of thing. I am no millionaire and i don have money myself to pay how can i start up a nonprofit.

  80. Alice Davis says:

    Hello all,
    I see such kindness on here. Congrats to all and I hope some of you have been able to complete your goals. Mine is to help struggling family stay afloat. If buying diapers, car seats, new Socks and Undies, shampoos, laundry soap ect. to help keep you clean and health and making it hard to pay the bills and keep the lights on, or just give a blanket to the homeless to keep warm or clean fresh socks and undies to help keep them healthy.
    I have been that struggling parent living in a week to week hotel trying to come up with money for bills but diapers and other items were hard to get. if I can help take any level of there stress away then I am accomplishing what I want to do. I have worked in a fast food restaurant where I have seen countless kids not in a car seat If I can provide a free car seat and just save 1 life it will all be worth it!
    My question is has anyone tried crowd funding? If i read it right it looks like they want to take $0.35 for every $ made and I find that steep? Any one else have any Ideas. I have been selling Candy but it is a very slow process, so any other feed back would be appricated! Thanks,
    Alice D.

  81. Stacey Cannady says:

    I am trying to start a non profit organization and I do not have the funds to get started. How can I get started? I have used some of my personal funds to purchase some supplies and reserve my name within my state. I make just enough to cover my personal expenses from my regular job, but I am really passionate about the services that I want to provide. I started my website through vistaprint to advertise my services. I have my EIN number but I can’t afford the 501 c 3. The services that I want to provide are job searching etiquette, mentoring to domestic violence victims and awareness, mentoring for teens to guide them when they finish high, GED tutoring, and after-school/summer programs for children. I am trying to do these things for the betterment of my community without any money. I just recently found out that I need to file federal and state in order to apply for any grants. How can I do this with limited funding?

  82. Marianne Pangan says:

    Hi! I started a youth organization here in my area (Mercedes, Eastern Samar Philippines) without fund however i really invested time and offer almost all the resources I have except an amount of money, i mean the knowledge i gained while working in some local NGOs, the training/seminars i attended, my pc and supplies i shared it whole-heartedly to the org.I founded. Now its almost a year active and kicking, already faced challenges but maybe guided by our Almighty having a mission that is not self-centered and purpose that is not against anyone…This coming Dec. we do have activities not only for the members but for the whole community…time and mgt. really matters…Anyone who wanted to share ideas, etc. to make our org. alive,you’re free to contact me and make comments/replies in here…Thanks and God Bless us all!!!

  83. Jacquline Thompson says:

    Hi everyone I’m interested in starting a nonprofit organization its centers around men who entered the prison system as a child then released as an adult. From what I’ve heard is these men are doomed without housing assistance and social skills training I want to be their mentor and coach. With having a large place to house at least eight-to ten men at a time. I will teach them how to act among regular people. I will help them find clothing and other resources that is difficult for them in the regular world. There are a lot of resources for women felons with children but nothing on the large scale for men. I believe if they know there is a safe place to eat, sleep and get trained these men will make excellent husbands and fathers. If anyone can lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it my organization is some what like a bed, and breakfast or school of not–so-hard knocks and to compliment that another side of the house is for women and children who are from broken homes and need some guidance. The love I would bestow on these two units will create a generation of positive influences. Let me know if this is too much and or even if it is possible I want to see men flourish after prison and not how the media portrays humans by labeling them felons who can’t be trusted.

  84. Elly says:

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of starting a non-profit to help the poor in my community to benefit from e-learning, computer literacy and capacity building.

    I am from Kenya, Africa from a humble background and sixth born in a family of ten. I was a bright student in my early schooling life and was the best in my 8th grade class. I, however attended a poor day school (secondary) due to financial problems and ended up getting a B- which in my country cannot allow direct entry to university. As such, I couldn’t access any form of tertiary education for seven years. This is a predicament faced by many other youth in my community and the country at large.

    I therefore intend to start a non-profit which will be an IT center ( and classroom environment) where such youth can access internet services and get a platform where they can study online. through this organization, they will be able take associate and bachelor degree programs in universities like the tuition free UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE where they will take courses in Computer Science and Business Administration. Once fully established, I also intend to online-based scholarships in our local universities to provide more courses for these students.

    Other services will be a community recourse center where self-help groups and individuals will taught on entrepreneurship development, capacity building, among other developmental programs.

    Kindly assist with advice and in whatever way you can.
    I can be reached at

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