The 7 Parts to Creating a Strategic Nonprofit Social Media Plan

Strategy is important for any nonprofit, especially in a social media plan in today’s social sphere. There are many aspects to a social media plan, including which platforms to use, who your audience will be and how it’ll tie into your overall strategy.

Think about what you want your nonprofit’s social media goals to be, if you have the man power to accomplish them and how you will measure your ROI. It’s a lot to think about before attempting to put a social media strategy together for your nonprofit, but going into it with a plan of attack is a guaranteed way to make it a success.

Learn more about how to create a nonprofit social media plan by following the link below.

The 7 Elements of a Strategic Social Media Plan [Lasica/Socialbrite]

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  • Guest

    Great article! I find that

  • Josephine Tokarev

    Great article! I try to advise our clients towards the importance of defining goals. As simple as it may seem if it was an absolute no brainer, every non profit would be benefiting from their social media campaigns. As Lewis Carroll said “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”