3 Ways Your Nonprofit Marketing Should Incorporate Google Social Search

Ever since Google introduced Google+ to the world, they have been on a road to make the world a more social place, especially for “search” on the Internet. So it only made sense for them to unleash Google Social Search that integrated Google+ into Google Search, making what your nonprofit does on Google+ that much more important.

Now that your nonprofit knows Google Social Search is alive and well, tweaking your online marketing strategy is the next step. One important thing to do, and what every nonprofit should strive to do, is to become an expert on nonprofits. Create a presence on Google+ as a nonprofit that people should turn to for anything nonprofit related, and this is accomplished with “+1’s” and solid keyword marketing.

Learn more about how to integrate your nonprofit’s marketing with Google Social Search by following the link below.

3 Ways Google Social Search Should Change Your Marketing [Lokitis/Social Media Examiner]