Nonprofit Mission Statements – Good and Bad Examples

Off the top of your head, what’s your mission statement? Don’t cheat. Don’t look. …that’s what we thought. Most of us probably don’t have any idea. Sadly, for 99% of us, no one outside of our nonprofit knows what our mission statement is either, because it just isn’t that memorable. But you can avoid that fate if you take some time to learn from your peers. Let’s analyze, in-depth, some good and bad examples of nonprofit mission statements. But first, let’s chat about why your mission statement is useful in the first place.

The Attributes of Good and Bad Mission Statements

good and bad nonprofit mission statements chart

Your mission statement is a way of summing up your nonprofit to the outside world.

In many ways, a mission statement is a kind of PR move: a way to position your organization as memorable and unique. What’s the one thing you want your organization to be known for in the world? More importantly, what’s the message that already resonates with your donors and true fans?

The 3 Pivotal Elements of a Great Mission Statement

mission statement elements 1. A Cause or Who You Serve (What matters? Who is important?) 2. An Action (What are you doing?) 3. A Result (What change can you see?) These three elements unite the best mission statements, and typically, ONLY these elements. (Though often, one or more element is only implied.) Nonprofits like to make their mission statements complex, but the truth is complexity doesn’t make something valuable. That’s why these three elements are so useful: this is YOUR nonprofit, distilled to its essence. It’s a little elevator pitch: it’s not supposed to tell everything about your nonprofit. It’s supposed to get people interested in hearing more.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Ok, this is what you’re really here for. Let’s look at mission statements from well-known organizations.


We’re a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Verdict: This happens to be a really great mission statement: it is simple, emotional and contains all three elements: charity water mission statement analysis There’s a problem. There’s hope. The nonprofit is the solution, but only if YOU, the potential donor—help us out.

Springboard for the Arts:

“Springboard for the Arts is an economic and community development organization for artists and by artists. Our work is about building stronger communities, neighborhoods, and economies, and we believe that artists are an important leverage point in that work. Springboard for the Arts’ mission is to cultivate vibrant communities by connecting artists with the skills, information, and services they need to make a living and a life.”

Verdict: Rework. This is a cause we can really get behind–using art to build vibrant communities. Awesome! But wouldn’t the mission be clearer if it wasn’t so long? A few of these sentences could be combined into a killer, inspiring mission statement–which could also be tweetable!


Just do it.

Verdict: Brilliant. Nike just did it. You’re inspired to go buy some sneakers and use that gym membership now, aren’t you? Same here.

The Women’s Center

The mission of The Women’s Center is to improve significantly the psychological, career, financial and legal well being of women, men, couples and families, regardless of their ability to pay.

Verdict: Rework. While this statement brims with goodwill, its language is so expansive it’s difficult to tell what The Women’s Center actually does on a daily basis, or whom they serve. Very little about this statement inspires action–because you aren’t sure what action there is to take! They’re doing something awesome, but I don’t know what. Keep it simple folks!

5 Quick Tests For Your Mission Statement

  1. Say It Out Loud This alone tells you a lot about your statement. Is it easy to say? Does it roll off the tongue? Or are you bored before you finish saying it?
  2. Memory Tell a friend or employee your statement or have them read it out loud. Talk about something unrelated for a minute. Then ask them to tell you the statement again. If they can’t get it close, you have more work to do.
  3. Crowdsource Find multiple people who don’t know your cause and have them evaluate your statement. Do they get it? Do several people (whose opinions you respect) have similar suggestions for changes?
  4. When Can You Shut Your Doors? Look at your mission statement. Based on this statement, when will your nonprofit declare “mission accomplished?” Is there a clear end point where you’ll be able to happily disband your nonprofit and have an epic party, because you’ve succeeded? If you don’t have an end goal, your mission might be too vague.
  5. “You too?” If someone could read your mission statement and say, “You too?” your mission statement is too broad. Refine it. Your organization does (or should) have something no other organization offers. What is it?

The Most Important Thing to Remember

The most important thing to remember… is that your mission statement isn’t enough. It’s easy to set sexy goals for your organization, create a nonprofit strategy and then never stop planning. At the end of the day, what matters most is taking action. You have a mission. Now go accomplish it. If you need more help, use our guide to writing a mission statement in one hour. 

Post your mission statement in the comments below – let’s critique our statements together. Hint: Use the 5 Quick Tests above, and look at the opening chart. Do you pass? Do you need to revise your statement? Let’s all work together to craft awesome statements. 

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  • Radian

    Radian provides professional and technical assistance in the support of the development and implementation of community initiatives that directly improve the built environment, livability and sustainability in underserved neighborhoods.

    I think I failed, to long and jargony…..

    • Marc Koenig

      Thanks for sharing and being brutally honest with yourself. It takes guts to say “the way we’re talking about our mission isn’t getting people excited!” rather than “I guess this is fine.”

      How can you take the jargon down a notch or two? Who are you really serving, simply? What are you doing? How does the world change?

      Note: we usually start out with way too many words, so I’d actually encourage that. Put it all out on the page. Then cut back one word at a time to get to the core message. Thanks for sharing.

  • Andrew M

    “Children’s Home: Giving children a childhood and future by protecting them, teaching them and healing them, and by building strong communities and loving families.”

    I think it’s a bit vague and definitely too long, but I kind of inherited it from my predecessors. The abbreviated version used more commonly in letters and newsletters is “Giving children a childhood and future,” which is concise and easy to remember but doesn’t really cover the “how.”

    • Marc Koenig

      I think your self-assessment is on the money. “Giving children a childhood and future” is nice and succinct but more details would give it urgency.

      “Protecting, educating and sheltering the families of the Y community to give our children a childhood and a future.”
      “Giving our children a childhood and a future by sheltering, educating and protecting the families of Y.”

      I’m drawing a blank, but maybe this will help you get started. I’m starting to think “giving our children a childhood and future” is good enough for simplifying a multifacted mission, especially if you add a qualifier (e.g., “Giving our disadvantaged children a childhood and a future”). What do you think?

  • Nancy Schwartz

    Love, love, love this, and will spread the word. Thanks for putting it out there so clearly and succinctly!

    • Marc Koenig

      Thanks Nancy! Rally the troops!

  • Marion Conway

    Thanks for this to the point article about mission statements. The examples are excellent.

    • Marc Koenig

      Thanks, Marion! They were handpicked with love.

  • genpatton

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated:

    We are a non profit organization that enables youth ages 12 – 17 years with the necessary skills to be positive and productive members of the community. We provide a holistic and dynamic approach in working with youth that will enhance their capacity to develop and strengthen positive behaviors and to make healthier life choices.

    • Marc Koenig

      I feel like this could be little fresher and more personal. Here are my tips:

      - “Youth ages 12-17″ is pretty specific for a mission statement. Remember, this isn’t what you’re telling someone who’s formally applying to one of your programs: a mission statement exists simply to get people interested and intrigued to know more. “Youth” or “teens” or “young people” would probably be fine here.

      - Holistic and dynamic are buzz words that don’t add any emotional punch. Ax ‘em!

      - How’s something like this: “We help teenagers develop the skills necessary to live healthier, wholer lives.” Consider that a starting place if you want to get more specific. Just know you don’t need to say everything, just make that first impact! Thanks for sharing.

      • genpatton

        I appreciate the feedback Marc, we’ll give it another try.

        • Marc Koenig

          Of course! I’m sure you guys are doing awesome things – excited to see you tell your story just as awesomely.

  • Cindy

    Caregivers Rock

    • Marc Koenig

      Cindy – a fine sentiment! Now you just need a mission statement (with the 3 elements we talk through above) to accompany it.

  • AnnaHart

    Giving younger generations the knowledge, compassion, and ability to create a new era without stigma for those with mental illness.

    Does “for those with mental illness” need to be in there?

    • pjalama

      IMO, yes. Without the words “mental illness,” I’d be like, huh? What’s your cause? Prisoners reintegrating into society? Acceptance of people of different races or sexual orientations? General niceness?

  • Joscelyn S

    Keeping children safe, strengthening families, and building healthy communities since 1899. (For a child welfare/adoption/social services agency)

    • pjalama

      I like that one!

  • Beth

    The Center of Y is a youth-driven teen center dedicated to improving the lives of teens by offering programs and activities promoting personal growth and community involvement.

  • GirlzLife Board

    GirlzLife empowers at-risk girls to overcome the challenges of negative influences and create a positive change within themselves and their communities.

  • Kim Jones

    We are a nonprofit organization compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by testicular cancer along with educating others about the importance of awareness and early detection and continuing to save lives.

  • Shaina Watson

    Our mission is providing underprivileged children with love, resources, and knowledge to help them succeed
    and become all that God has called them to be.

  • Kate Wieland

    Our mission is to develop, own and manage affordable housing and provide
    support services to help individuals succeed in life.

  • Michael Wilson

    The mission of IBPSA-USA is to advance and promote the science of building simulation in order to improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of new and existing buildings in the United States.

    First day on the job (today) as the first ED of a 10 year old organization that has been all volunteer until now. In 2 weeks we have a board retreat for strategic planning and want to start with mission/vision. Your comments welcome…thanks!

  • Kathy

    We are
    a NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION compassionately dedicated TO improving the lives of Those

  • Bridget Carter

    We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to motivate, educate, and the developmemt of kidney disease awareness to kidney failure patients, at risk individuals, and their families.

    • Julie

      We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of kidney disease awareness as well as the education and motivation of kidney failure patients, at-risk individuals, and their families.

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  • Stephanie Henry

    “To enrich the lives of the intellectually and
    developmentally disabled through farming while providing respite for

    I work with a farm that teaches adults with autism to grow and care for produce as well as other aspects of farming. The farm also emphasizes socialization, teamwork, and a “breather” for caretakers. Any ideas/input would be great. I think it’s really missing the punch.

    • Julie

      I actually think it’s quite good, Stephanie. The only aspect it’s missing from your description is the socialization/teamwork side and I don’t how that could be added. “Cooperative farming” has a different meaning, “team farming” sounds funny. “farming in groups?”

  • Derrionn Anderson

    We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping young girls off of the streets by providing a dance, modeling, singing and acting after school program.

    • pjalama

      I partly like it, but “providing” sends my brain to sleep. How about, “We keep young girls off the streets and creative” or “We keep young girls off the streets and active in after-school dance, modeling, singing, and acting.”
      Pauline Alama, Freelance Writer

  • Mai Le

    “Our mission is to Inspire and educate audiences around the world by creatively uniting underground music and dance.” And thanks for this great article!

  • Nicolas Hockenberry

    “Climb On’s mission is to bring the physical and emotional
    benefits of rock climbing and adventure activities to the under-served youth of Dubuque”

  • Debbie Beyer

    The mission of the Columbus Dance Theatre is “o enrich the
    cultural life of our community through a resident professional company,
    and educational programming, and as an umbrella organization for the dance
    community.” How would you rework this??

  • April W

    T.C.C.U(Teens can Change Us) provide teens with information and motivation to help them help the world.

  • Anthology Coms

    Agree with most of the points here except Just DO It isn’t a mission statement, value proposition or message. It’s a slogan. Which is totally different. Nike’s actual mission statement is – Nike’s mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.”

    The legendary University of Oregon track and field coach and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

    • Randy Hawthorne

      You bring up an excellent point. I love Nike’s mission and have used it as an example of a brilliant and inspiring mission.

      • Anthology Coms

        Agreed. Clients are always asking the difference between, slogan, message, Brand positioning statement, etc. So right now it is just particularly relevant for me.

  • Randy Hawthorne

    It’s so awesome to see you helping each other out on these posts.

  • Gail Strumberger

    Stand Back Ltd. helps artists without resources build a career in entertainment by giving them work space, mentors, industry connections, opportunity, and community support.

    (Thoughts?) Thank you!

  • Gail Strumberger

    Stand Back Ltd. helps artisans without resources build a career in special effects by giving them work space, mentors, industry connections, opportunity, and community support.

  • David Ivey

    AlmostFreeCollege Inc is a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals earn their college degree as inexpensively as possible.

  • CJ

    Unknown Miracles is a non profit organization who is committed to providing the highest level of hospitality to expecting mothers. We reassure expecting mothers that they will have access to everyday essentials their baby may need in the first days of life.

  • Rene’ Michelle

    We are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about our purpose. Which is bringing awareness to Domestic violence, Sexual assault and Molestation. To also help people that have suffered and or are still suffering from these things, to recover and become productive member’ s of society.

    • Mary Etta Win

      Using the word purpose goes without saying. Take the word purpose out, and combine the first two sentences together. Also, in the third sentence, using the word thing is not good. Name the things instead of writing the word “things”.

      • Nanci Boutet

        We are a nonprofit organization that is passionate about our purpose of bringing awareness to domestic violence, sexual assault and molestation in order to help people that have suffered and or are still suffering from these things to recover and become productive members of society.
        (Members does not have an apostrophe. It is plural, not possessive.)

  • Clarence Merk

    We are dedicated to the marine salvage resurrection of “The Alice Dean”, a 441 ton steam side-wheeler, sunk in 1863 by John Hun Morgan, and providing a final resting place in Meade County, Kentucky and or Harrison County, Indiana; leaving an indelible footnote to the brave men who fought this forgotten civil war battle.

  • Friend

    Building Our Lives Together (BOLT)- Our mission is to prepare young people by instilling in them the knowledge of simple hand tools.

    • Denise Flynn

      “Friend” I was interested but one question went unanswered. I am not sure what teaching simple hand tools prepares young people to do. “BOLT instills young people with the knowledge of simple hand tools to…” (Increase independence by stretching their income? Save the environment by reusing rather than replacing?)

      • Randy Hawthorne

        I’m interested in also knowing the audience a little more intimately. Young people is very broad. Toddlers? PreK? Young people with disabilities? Sounds like a great project!

        • Friend

          Thanks Randy

      • Friend

        Denise does my reply answer your questions?

    • Friend

      Denise and Randy our objective is to teach young people mainly between the ages of 8 & 16 the proper usage of simple hand tools by involving them in projects such as repairing bicycles, building club houses and model robots, etc. It’s becoming common these days that I encounter young men that are not able to repair something as simple as changing a flat tire. Do you all really think this is something seriously needed in our communities???

    • Lynique M

      Remake- I Tried To Re-Word, Hope It helped.

      Preparing adolescents to use hand tools by educating and instilling knowledge of proper use.

      • Friend

        Lynique M I really like this thanks!!!

  • Whitney Macdonald

    “We are a non profit working to fight childhood obesity and
    bring food literacy back into the classroom by using a hands on approach to
    cooking with real, fresh, not processed food.”

  • Marin Recovery Project

    access to community services and provides needed support to anyone seeking
    recovery from substance use in order to create a lasting change in people’s
    lives and the community we serve.

  • Yasmine

    We’re a non-profit organization in the philadelphia area providing a safe haben for inner city youth we’re we can tell our story one youth at a time.

  • sabrina

    “Empowering the next generation of girls to become future leaders and
    business owners in STEM industries”
    This statement is for a non profit that I am in the works of starting. I’m looking for a catchy mission but I’m still not sure if this is a good mission statement of is this more of a vision statement. Any and all suggestions and comments would be helpful. This is a nonprofit that I am starting for underprivileged girls to get them excited about science, tech, and math careers. To narrow that gender gap.

  • Laurie

    Healing earth and humanity one plant at a time.

  • Ashley Altman VoicesofTeal

    I have to be the worst at coming up with a mission statement I have BLANK.

  • PS Food Guy


    Future Chef’s Collective prepares at risk youth that have an
    interest in the Culinary Arts for quality work and life after high school by
    providing employment, educational opportunities with scholarships, on the job skills
    training with ongoing mentoring, coaching and support.

    We believe transitioning into adulthood can be challenging
    for young people and are here to help create pathways into careers in the culinary
    arts that are both personally fulfilling and economically sustainable for each
    individual participant.

    We are successful when our participants:

    1) Complete a 2- or 4-year college degree, program
    certificate or formal apprenticeship


    2) Have access to living wage internships and jobs
    with opportunities for promotion or other career advancement.

  • masengu tshiunza

    Zoe’s Brothers Foundation: we are a nonprofit organization fighting against sickle cell anemia disease in Africa by providing best care for patients, supporting the research for the cure and informing populations.

  • Laura Reynold

    We are a non profit organization that just worked on a mission statement. This is what we came up with.The members of the guild are a dynamic group whose mission is to support and promote the HMA as the cultural arts center for our area through fundraising, volunteerism and education. The guild also builds appreciation for the vast richness of artistic expression among its members and the community. Any suggestions?

  • Beverly Brown

    Two Thirty Two is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to provide educational and recreational training and resources for youth ages 5-19

  • Helen

    We educate individuals on life tools that help remove anger, grief and guilt to demonstrate the human potential of peace in all their relationships, in the world, and in their very souls.

    • ShannonRae

      Providing education, guidance, and life tools to empower others who are moving through guilt, anger, and grief so that they experience the human potential for peace on a soul level within all relationships.

  • Brandy Lockwood

    Our mission is to end the cycle of abuse by helping abusees, survivors and abusers learn and implement new processes to improve their life, realize their self-worth and see what is achievable as they rediscover, visualize and create a life beyond abuse for them and their family.

  • Priscilla Pruitt

    We are a faith based non-profit that strives to be the bridge that will point the families of our communities to a brighter and more fulfilling future.

  • Sheri Lynn

    We are a non profit organization dedicated to positively impacting the lives in our

  • Juan

    The aim of Mezcalarte is to raise funds to provide children
    and adolescents of Mezcala, Jalisco Mexico extracurricular activities that will
    develop their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as
    individuals so that they may paint a better tomorrow.

  • Ina Coston

    Simply Seniors is a nonprofit organization that enriches the lives of our elderly by providing home health care, assistance with household tasks, errands, personal care, including meals enabling elderly persons to remain independent and living in their own home.

  • Tony Jones

    I am revising my mission statement and need a little help!

    (1) MWDP’s mission is to equip, empower, educate, and expand opportunities to boys from single-parent families through mentorship. (Original)

    (2) MWDP’s mission is to provide boys from single-parent homes with opportunities, skills, and developmental resources to become responsible and productive men.

    (3) MWDP’s mission is to provide boys from single-parent homes with opportunities, skills, and developmental resources as they transition to manhood.

    Which statement is clear and to the point (1,2, or 3)?

    • mickey

      For what it is worth I mashed up 1 and 3.
      Through mentorship, MWDP will equip, empower and educate boys from single-parent families with the tools to expand their opportunities as they transition to manhood.

      • Tony Jones

        Thank you for your feedback! That actually sounds pretty good. It is clear and to the point.

        • mickey

          No problem! We are developing a mission statement for our small health clinic and this type of activity has been in the forefront of my daily thinking.

  • Aley Raza

    We are a non-governmental, non-partisan
    charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to improving
    literacy among the under-privileged economically deprived children of the third
    world countries.

  • Sbrowning

    Browning & Browning Developers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building stronger communities and neighborhoods for low income families.

  • Michael Larson

    Northern Lights Foundation (non-profit) — Our mission is to grant wishes and distribute funds that address the needs and wishes of Northland children – and their families – with life threatening illnesses.

  • Jeri Riley

    To support adult victims of sexual abuse, rape and
    molestation by applying biblical principles that can improve and develop an
    individual’s mind, body and soul.

  • Denise Stoudermire

    To teach and inspire foster care children in DC about higher education through sports and activities.

  • devery scoggins

    ThinkMike is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to fundraising for Mike Scoggins in an effort to help with medical treatment following his critical motorcycle accident.

  • Awolu Adam

    As non-governmental organization,our mission is to promote good health and healthy life styles in rural communities in Ghana through health education, awareness creation, capacity building, community engagement, research, and public health policy advocacy

  • Barb

    We are a loosely formed group working to build a coalition to support people without homes in our area. Your feedback on the trial balloon mission statement will be appreciated:

    Our mission is to provide year-round low-barrier shelter to
    enhance the health, safety and dignity of people without homes.

  • The Junction Project

    The Junction Project is a Toronto based, non-profit social enterprise. Our goal is to provide free and accessible artistic experiences to children across the GTA.

  • dejazz

    Our aim is to help those in need by mobilizing the community members to give back.

  • Nature & Eclectic Outdoors

    How is this? “We are a nonprofit organization changing the lives of children, the physically and mentally
    challenged, and the general public through outdoor adventure and cultural

  • Jennifer

    People talking, listening, and accepting. Breaking stereotypes

  • Lance Wentz

    Klamath Kinetic Challenge: Our mission is to facilitate a human powered vehicle race in Klamath Falls OR. Vehicles must be able to go over land, sand, mud and water.

  • Kirsty

    To co-ordinate
    cross sector, enthusiastic and effective activities for the benefit of all
    children and the benefit of society.

  • Save The Honey Bees

    We are a team of compassionate humans raising global
    awareness to inspire and inform communities to choose proactive solutions which
    will create a healthy, environment for honey bees and all pollinators, thus ensuring
    sustainability for future generations.

  • Save The Honey Bees

    We are a
    team of compassionate humans raising global awareness to inspire and inform
    communities to choose proactive solutions which will create a healthy,
    environment for honey bees and all pollinators, thus ensuring sustainability
    for future generations.

  • Andrea Stevens

    The mission of the SMACHC (South Metro Atlanta Community Health Coalition) is:

    To improve healthcare access, address and eliminate health disparities, and encourage medical responsibility, by providing comprehensive and quality primary medical care and preventative health services to the medically underserved populations within our communities.

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  • Morris

    Center for Health Promotion and Counseling is committed to promoting healthy
    behaviors and lifestyle choices through ongoing research, community outreach,
    advocacy, and effective health education programs, to treat and prevent obesity
    in disadvantaged school children between ages 10 and 18, and low-income adults living in Whitman County. In addition, the Center is dedicated to
    providing outstanding in-home rehabilitation services and outdoor recreational
    activities to assist seniors achieve optimal health; strives to provide
    substance abuse prevention education, counseling, and referrals services to enable
    substance abusers to stay sober

  • Grow Palmer

    We are an all-volunteer group building a healthy community and
    increasing awareness of local food sources by planting public food for

  • vandoesum

    Nike’s mission statement actually is: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” It’s too vague, dont you think? Also ‘Just do it’ is! Although inspiring, because we already know who brings the slogan, it doesnt have a lot of attributes you stated. I’d say Feeding America, for example, has a much better one: ‘A hungry-free America.’

  • Kimeisha Sukie

    SCI is a non-profit initiative aimed at providing important necessities of life, for families
    with limited resources.

  • Joanna Hitt

    The mission of Emma’s Special Knights is to
    promote friendship and respect in schools for children of all abilities by
    providing all inclusive playground equipment.

  • Zin Islam

    We are a non-profit organization helping the underprivileged people in Bangladesh by providing gifts of hope.

  • trinigirl

    The Beauty Foundation empowers our youth to find and embrace true beauty through identifying their self worth in order to build a strong foundation.

  • Cherrise Walker-betts

    The first organization in WNY to exclusively cater to women of color fighting cancer with products and services promoting and sustaining culture & personal beauty

  • C.Smith

    I Hear You I Feel You I Got You (Triple III Foundation)

    Mind Your Health.

  • Abigail

    Our nonprofit organization prepares preadolescent-aged girls for young adulthood through spiritual, personal and assisted self-discovery.

  • Tamecia Battle

    Together Celebrating Breakthroughs (T.C.B.) is a nonprofit organization that helps the less fortunate through difficult times by:

    § Fighting hunger

    § Supplying toiletries

    § Providing motivational and educational classes

  • Phoebe Margrill-Nix

    Hello. We have been having some difficulty agreeing on our mission statement. Any help would be appreciated.

    One version of our mission statement is: “Our Phoenix Rises.Org inspires low-income individuals struggling with mental illness, addiction and sexual violence through arts and arts education allowing for empowerment and the opportunity to contribute to society.”

    Another version is: “Our Phoenix Rises.Org inspires low-income individuals struggling with mental illness, addiction and sexual violence through the arts and arts education thereby enabling the healing process and encouraging personal growth.”

    Both of these just seem a bit off. Our organization will be providing small grants to low-income individuals struggling with mental illness, addiction, and/or sexual violence. The grants are to pay for tuition or fees for art courses. Some of the funds will be available for supplies and assistance with transportation to and from classes.

    Basically, what we want to do is provide small grants to low-income individuals struggling with the issues stated above so that they may pursue an education in the arts and then feel capable of sharing their voices through art in their communities. It is our hope that by participating in art education they will achieve personal growth which may then translate into benefits for society.

    Thank you for any input.

    • Lincoln J.L. Arneal

      Thanks for sharing your situation. We developed a guide to help nonprofits write a mission statement. You can find it here:
      The best advice I can give you is to share what you have with other people. Do a couple focus groups made up of different groups involved with your nonprofit and see what feedback you get. See if you get the desired response after they read the examples you have and if they offer you any new ideas. This will take some pressure off you and help get past the current block. Also, use the tests above. Make sure the language is compelling and that you’re evoking emotion with one sentence. Good luck!


      • Phoebe Margrill-Nix

        Thanks Lincoln. We have used your guide to arrive at what we have. And many different people have been helping out. This process has been on going for quite a while. I think we’ll go with one of the ones we have and see what kind of reactions we get. Appreciate your input! :)

  • Maria Bagby

    Critique this one?
    We are a nonprofit organization providing resources for evaluation and educational and psychological therapy to correct the underlying causes of learning challenges for children with reading, attention and auditory processing challenges.

  • Timur

    We are a non profit organization dedicated to provide an education, which uplifts people’s consciousness, helping them to be in harmony with themselves and with the world around them

  • Thuy

    To promote an appreciation for nature, social
    awareness and personal wellbeing through garden-based education programming
    focused on organic growing technique and nutrition.

  • Judy Gustafson

    We are health educators working to empower Ugandan medical providers improve the health of their community.

  • Keith Howell

    Our mission is to provide quality of life for homeless animals either thru adoption or the blessing of a long life! Sheltering unwanted animals regardless of age, health or size! This non-profit will show love for our 4 legged friends, no kill,no abandoned animals! (Ever)!

  • Glenda Lee Wright

    We are at the very beginning of this journey. We are forming a non-profit that want to support, educate and encourage families of inmates both inside and out and to work for social justice. Can anyone help me with this??

    • Lynne Coleman

      Hi Glenda! I am working with a group that provides prison mentoring and programming, long-term transitional housing, and aftercare to women prisoners. We are working on our mission statement too. I thought I’d share it with you and get your feedback. “Our goal is to work collaboratively with inmates and former prisoners; building principle-centered bridges of faith, empowerment, and resources necessary to cross the threshold to new life.” Our group is Threshold Ministries.

  • Christopher Joshua Taylor

    What do you guys think:

    The Hope Symphony provides a stage for all artists to give back to the community at large through art, love, and community outreach.

  • sheri

    The Trevor Williams Kids Foundation uses the power of sports, education, mentoring and personal development to empower Montreal youth to be the best they can be in school, in their families and in their community.

  • Coreen

    Hi, I’m trying to help my non-profit develop their organizational identity, including a mission statement. I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing when we say mission statement, though. This seems more like an elevator pitch, or even a slogan. For example, Nike’s mission statement is actually: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. What is the difference and relative importance of these elements?

    • Lyndsey Hrabik

      Hi Coreen! I think you’d be right on this one and we had it wrong. “Just Do It” is move of a tagline for Nike instead of their mission statement. To help with the mission statement you’re talking about, we do have a free resource—

  • Anna e Jackson

    The CFC LITERACY, LIFE SKILLS and TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION aims to implement a youth enrichment program(YEP) to improve and enhance the lives of minority, under served and special needs students in grades 6 through post secondary school experiences.

  • Fatimah Thomas

    Our mission is to prevent crime and delinquency by promoting accountibilty and helping adolescents reach their full potential as pro-social citizens.

  • Fatimah Thomas

    Our mission is to prevent crime and delinquency by promoting accountability and helping adolescents from diverse cultural backgrounds reach their full potential as pro-social citizens.

  • Ryan Whitney

    Vote with Confidence.

  • Vanya Malmstead

    Providing smooth transistion assistance, counseling and resources for the teen military BRAT as they fully integrate from the military to civilian sector.

  • Ryan Whitney

    Sage Voter provides voters with tools that will assist them in the act of voting; making voting simpler, more impactful and more popular.

  • Schirlyn

    To use the arts to foster entrepreneurship and life
    skills for at risk youth, long-term unemployed Lancaster City adults and
    community artist age 55 and older.

  • Schirlyn

    To use the arts to foster entrepreneurship and life
    skills for at risk youth, long-term unemployed Lancaster City adults and
    community artist age 55 and older.

  • moon

    A non-profit org that seeks to empower the youth through advocacy, sensitization and development projects.

  • Legina Deaver

    Centurion Strong Mental Health Alliance (CSMHA) mission it to educate mental health solutions, within the African American community, to aid in the elimination of stigma, build acceptance of individuals and families within their church congregations, and connect ministry leaders with community resources and contacts when needed.

  • Steve Raiderbee Bigbee

    We are a non profit organization, Committed to providing Excellence to Families and Children facing life threatening illnesses by lending Helping Hands!!

    • Christine Apa

      When you say providing excellence, what does that mean? Aid, money, transportation?

      • Steve Raiderbee Bigbee

        What ever we do. We do it with Committed to Excellence. We don’t do stuff half way. When we do stuff it’s all in with Excellent Quality to provide Excellent results

  • Jesse

    Kids Like Me provides a stigma free space for gender nonconforming children and their families to have fun and support each other

  • Lisa

    We are a non-profit mentoring organization helping to
    prepare disadvantaged youth for success.

  • Christine Apa

    Awaken Arts provides a safe place where people share their stories of trauma. We use various art forms to tell these stories and we believe that each person’s creativity is the catalyst for healing their soul.

  • Walter Perry

    Keep Living Foundation-Creating lasting solutions for people and Communities going through challenging circumstances.

  • Manyao Chuhwanglem konyak

    Hello! I am from nagaland, india . I am doing my engineering course in NERIST.I am planning to form a mission of Non profitable after my completion of study. The main focus which i am planing to do is to support, educate and encourage families of
    inmates both inside and out and to work for social justice by organizing a various camp within a village and to share a word of love, spared the gospel.
    So, Can anyone
    help me with this??

    • Nanci Boutet

      We are a non-profit to support, educate and encourage families of inmates both inside and out and to work for social justice by organizing a camp within a village to share a word of love and spread the gospel.
      (good luck)

  • Lynda Morris

    Christians equipping a generation with traditional skills enabling them to compete in a challenging world.

  • R Stewart Braswell

    Compassion to The Nations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity with the mission to lead the nations into a growing relationship with Jesus as we put God’s compassion into

    Suggestions for Improvement?

  • Karissa L.

    We’re a nonprofit organization compassionately preparing and educating families in
    low-income housing neighborhoods to successfully obtain, and maintain livable communities.

  • Jenn Kota

    Servant’s Attic: Dedicated to those in need by providing the basic necessities, hope and opportunity for a better tomorrow within our Community.

  • Tim McGee

    The REAL McGee is a not-for-profit group fervently dedicated to raising funds and awareness for diabetes.

  • Ravikant

    “Lit the Light” A non-profit Organisation Working in India is working for visually impaired Youths through Education and Guidence….
    Need help

  • Universalgirl

    The Mission of The Phoenix Home is to renew, restore and regain self worth, self esteem and wholeness back to the homeless.

  • Alicia

    To address the overwhelming amount of recidivism by assisting inmates
    facing release assimilate into society as well as ex-convicts find gainful
    employment, address drug addiction, and develop life and work skills that will
    prevent and/or greatly reduce chances for re-incarceration.

  • Ebony Clark

    Crowned Jewels nonprofit organization is a spiritual based organization seeking to bring hope to those who are hopeless. To also provide a peaceful setting, where women can grow spiritually, receive counseling, while feeling loved, relaxed, and free.

    • Nanci Boutet

      I think the first sentence is enough.

  • Nanci Boutet

    Aquaholics Special Surfers is a non profit organization sharing
    the empowering experience of surfing with special needs children and adults of
    all diagnoses.

  • jayjay

    The Mission of PWN4PWN is to use a team people with Narcolepsy to inspire, motivate and activate others with Narcolepsy to gain/regain the quality of life they deserve.