Randy Hawthorne

As Executive Director for Nonprofit Hub, and a Professional Certified Marketer, Randy shares his passions of marketing and education with nonprofits to help them implement marketing and organizational leadership principles so they can grow their organizations. Randy lends his marketing and organizational leadership expertise to a number of nonprofits in his community, including the American Marketing Association, Lincoln Community Playhouse, Rotary Club #14, Sheldon Art Association, Community Services Fund, Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters, Leadership Lincoln and Launch Leadership. Outside the office, Randy works with high school and college students and mentors young professionals to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

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Top Trends in Nonprofit Marketing, Social Media and More—An Interview with Kivi Leroux Miller

Communication is at the basis of every solid relationship. And in the nonprofit world, relationships are what keep donors coming back for more. So what’s holding back nonprofits from taking the necessary marketing steps to secure more fundraising dollars and donors? Lack of time, budget and strategy all rank among the top hurdles nonprofits face….

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3 Reasons to Add Your NPO’s Phone Number to Google Search

Google is making it even easier for people to contact your organization. By using Corporate Contact markup on your nonprofit website, you can add your organization’s contact information to Google’s Knowledge panel in some searches.

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Five Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Brand’s Buzzability

One of the best ways to stir up awareness and publicity for your nonprofit brand is to generate some buzz—word of mouth marketing is free (or at least, cheap) and, even better, highly effective. Here are five ways to get people talking.

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How Nonprofits Keep Up with Online Fundraising

Online fundraising optimization—a fancy schmancy term for improving how nonprofits raise money via the internet. Over the past few years, this has been a hot topic, so how do NPOs keep up?

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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Next Fundraising Event

Holding a fundraising event is a mainstay in your world, but let’s be honest—they can take a lot of time, money and effort to pull off. So check out these five tips to get the most out of your next event.

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Why Following Up After Your Fundraising Event is the Most Important Part [VIDEO]

Imagine you’ve just finished your biggest fundraising event yet. Everyone showed up, you raised money, made connections and actually made your event memorable. This wasn’t a generic raffle or a blind auction. But if you’ve neglected the final mile of event planning, your event is a bust. Following up after your fundraising event might be…

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Effective Fundraising Means You Can’t Treat Donors Like ATMs

The mark of a superficial relationship: you only interact when you need something. This is true of friendships, children to their parents and you to your donors. Do you have a real relationship, with back and forth and personality, or are you treating your donor base like an ATM, there whenever you need it? The difference matters….

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3 Reasons to Practice Your Nonprofit Storytelling

Here’s an experiment for you: next time some stranger walks up and asks you, “Hey–what’s your job?” and you get into the details of your nonprofit organization, stop. Don’t describe your mission or your job title or the frustrations your nonprofit sees in the world. Instead, think of one person your nonprofit has helped, and…

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3 Absolutely (Nearly) Free Services to Improve Nonprofit Web Design

At the AFP International Conference 2013 in San Diego, I attended a session where Raheel Gauba and Sophia Latto dispensed a firehose of information in their presentation 52 Tweaks in 52 Weeks. Much was to be learned from the 75 minute session to improve nonprofit websites. I want to break it down for you a bit. In…

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Donor Retention Means Being Your Donors’ Trusted Friend [VIDEO]

Nonprofit organizations globally are looking closely at donor retention–the idea that we don’t have to lose 70% of our first time donors. But what’s the secret behind donor retention? What does it all come down to? Jay Love is CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomerang, the donor database that helps nonprofits retain first-time donors, long-term. Listen…