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How to Leverage Social Media for Your Next Big Fundraising Event

When was the last time you logged onto Facebook because you really wanted to see what was going on at work? Probably… well, never. That’s because social media outlets are a place we go to catch up on what our friends and family have been up to. To see what’s funny or interesting. To find...

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Web Design

The Reason Your Nonprofit Brand Revolves Around Your Website

Every dollar we receive from fundraising is given because that donor believes in us. They connect with the mission. And they trust that we’re going to use their money to achieve the mission. So how do we gain their trust in the first place to secure those fundraising dollars? At the 2014 AFP Conference, we…

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Top Trends in Nonprofit Marketing, Social Media and More—An Interview with Kivi Leroux Miller

Communication is at the basis of every solid relationship. And in the nonprofit world, relationships are what keep donors coming back for more. So what’s holding back nonprofits from taking the necessary marketing steps to secure more fundraising dollars and donors? Lack of time, budget and strategy all rank among the top hurdles nonprofits face….

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Technology

3 Reasons Why Your Donor Database Data Went Bad

If a mess accumulates, a normally useful workspace or set of tools becomes hard to use. We see this happen often within donor databases and nonprofit CRMs. Here are three reasons your donor database went bad.

Featured Nonprofit Technology

3 Reasons to Add Your NPO’s Phone Number to Google Search

Google is making it even easier for people to contact your organization. By using Corporate Contact markup on your nonprofit website, you can add your organization’s contact information to Google’s Knowledge panel in some searches.

Board of Directors Volunteer Management

Age is Nothing But a Number for Senior Volunteers

With age, comes wisdom. With that wisdom, comes a valuable asset to our volunteering activities. Senior level volunteers may be one of our most valuable assets in running our nonprofit. They’re volunteering not only their time, but also experience they’ve garnered over their professional and personal lives. These senior volunteers can become great leaders in…


Finding the Unexplained, Elusive Major Gift Donors

Major gift donors are the viewers of an unexplained UFO, Bigfoot or Loch Ness monster of the nonprofit world. There’s a few out there. But for every one, there’s plenty of others with aluminum foil hats tracing radio airwaves. Now, do these major gift donors exist? Yes, they do. Will they show themselves now? More…

Social Media

New Twitter, New Features for Nonprofits to Check Out

Twitter has just made our popular tweets pop, big time. The social media platform just underwent a redesign. It hasn’t gotten the Facebook treatment of naysayers dreading a revamped layout, because Twitter has made changes that fit its form. One of the biggest takeaways from the new Twitter is how popular tweets are displayed. Highly…

Human Resources

Making Work in the Nonprofit Sector Less of a Chore

Our nonprofit work is one filled with changing lives and making differences in the world. That’s one side of the coin. The other? Well, it’s very much like a business. For all the good we strive for and the fun we can have as a result, there’s a load of work prior that resembles a…


4 Ways to Keep Donors Coming Back and Giving More

Any project or adventure starts with a little step. Just a little momentum is all we need to create a lasting relationship. Like any goal we set for ourselves, we want the results yesterday. Try as we might, fundraising isn’t a one and done sort of deal. We know better. It’s going to take a…

Board of Directors Fundraising

Naming Gift Disasters and How to Avoid Them

It’s an odd situation. One that isn’t discussed too often, but raises plenty of questions (and eyebrows). Do we have protocol for naming gifts? This can turn into an ugly situation. Whether we are renaming a monument after many years or creating a donor wall, many problems can arise. Before any egos are hurt or…