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[Cause Camp] Fight Back Against Nonprofit Myths with Vu Le

In his presentation at Cause Camp 2015, Vu Le, author of Nonprofit with Balls, showed ways nonprofits can fight some of the wrong mentalities and spend more time actually working on their mission.

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Lessons Learned from Starting a Nonprofit in 2015

Starting a nonprofit can be a tricky task to accomplish. We opened our doors in January, so here’s what I learned from starting a nonprofit in 2015.

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[Cause Camp] Why Sometimes Less is More for Nonprofits

Big Duck president Sarah Durham presented at Cause Camp in Lincoln, Neb., but she did more than just dispense her wisdom about the Rebrand Effect—she also learned a few lessons from the other speakers.

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Starting a Nonprofit: The Importance of Developing a Business Plan

Many nonprofits start out on a wing and a prayer but without a legit business plan. Just because an organization is labeled a “nonprofit,” that doesn’t exempt it from operating like a business

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[AFP 2015] Follow Sargeant’s Orders: Changing One Aspect of Marketing Your Fundraising

He’s Professor of Fundraising, Chief Scientist for Bloomerang and all-around fundraising guru for nonprofits. And his last name is Sargeant. This guy is awesome. We were lucky enough to catch up with Adrian Sargeant and asked what change can nonprofits make in their marketing strategy that will make a big difference. Listen to his response in…

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Lessons Learned in the First Year of My Social Venture

Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of my own social venture. Here’s a completely candid accounting of where that journey has taken me. Saddle up, because it’s a wild ride full of the ups and downs that you would expect with the launch of any venture.

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[Cause Camp] Vu Le Relates Your Nonprofit to Game of Thrones (No Spoilers)

This past Sunday, the highly-anticipated, critically-acclaimed fantasy drama Game of Thrones returned to television. And with that, utter fear has taken over as we await the fates of our beloved characters. One man who truly understands the heartache is Vu Le. While presenting at Cause Camp 2015, Le centered much of his insightful session around…