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5 Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Website (As Explained By Baby Animals)

Creating a great website can be a daunting feat, but learn from these 5 tips and you can improve your nonprofit website in no time. Also, baby animals.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media for Higher Education Fundraising Success

As an institution built primarily for the Millennial demographic, higher education organizations need to go where those people are—social media.

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The Keys to Setting Donor Levels (and Why You May Need to Rethink Them)

Donor levels can make or break a donation. Too many NPOs aren’t strategic when setting donor levels, and as a result, they miss out on key donations.

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Tales from the Trenches: How to Balance the Roles of Your Board of Directors

The Board of Directors play an important role in your nonprofit, but how do you choose them and balance the interest of your organization? Below are some ideas for two different types of board members: those who are active in the day-to-day operations and those who are not.

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The Secret to Unlocking Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Google Analytics without defined goals should be hard to imagine. It’s like peas without carrots, bread without butter or, dare I say, pie without ice cream. (Shriek!) Fine alone, for sure, but so much better together. Here are three reasons to set goals on Google Analytics.


Tackling the Silence—Getting Over the Fear of the Ask

When asking someone for a donation to your nonprofit, they’ll have to think about it.


Reevaluating Your Nonprofit Budget to Provide Long-term Value

Reevaluating your nonprofit budget can be the key to providing long term value instead of just covering the bare bones.

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How Walt Disney Can Help Your NPO’s Online Presence

Designing a nonprofit experience is quite different from the commercialism involved in theme parks. You aren’t selling a product (necessarily)—you’re selling your cause.

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2 Tips for Using Images for Your Nonprofit Fundraising

Find out why using images for your nonprofit fundraising can be a real game changer, and discover how to capitalize on them.

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Why Nonprofit Surveys Can Be a Valuable Resource for Your Team

Don’t go fundraising without doing some recon! Discover why nonprofit surveys can be a valuable resource for your team.