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[AFP 2015] What Your Small Staff Should Be Doing Right Now for Donors

It's time to make sure donors take notice of the small organizations out there (and then stick around). So how are you going to do it?

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[AFP 2015] The Donor Retention Change You Can Make Right Now

Jay Love shares what nonprofits should be doing to ensure that they’re going to make the cut for second round donations.

Donor Retention Featured Fundraising

Stewardship at a Small NPO Starts with Gratitude

There is a simple yet effective reminder for fundraisers that Jennifer Pelton suggested—gratitude is the place that all donations stem from.

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Starting a Nonprofit: Have a Volunteer Plan in Place

Get a solid volunteer plan in place right away. If you have a good idea, community members will be willing to help out not just financially, but also with sweat equity.

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Why Engaging Your Volunteers Will Help Your NPO Thrive

Volunteer engagement isn’t just a trivial award or public recognition, but rather part of a nonprofit’s culture. Engagement starts with recruitment.

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Corporate Giving: What’s Next? Lessons from the Maple Syrup Mafia

Engaging the new, different, entrepreneurial organizations requires a new kind of thinking. If you can’t understand this way of thinking, you’ll have no hope of building a relationship.