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Gear Up for Year-End Giving Way Before the Year’s End

December is when donors receive an onslaught of emails from nonprofits asking for year-end gifts, and you run the risk of getting lost in a crowded inbox.

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Recognizing the Importance of Gratitude

As a nonprofit, finding ways to recognize volunteers and make sure the organization is grateful for their contributions is one of most important tasks you can engage in.

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Five Point Checklist for Your Year-End SMS Fundraising Campaigns

An effective and targeted text message campaign can make all the difference in helping you reach your end of year fundraising goals. Here’s a checklist of five key points to consider when planning your end-of-year SMS fundraising campaign.

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Building Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan [INFOGRAPHIC]

Managing your nonprofit marketing plan can feel a whole lot like the game Tetris. Which block fits where?

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How Removing Overhead Can Improve Donation Rates

Almost all nonprofits strive to be as efficient as possible and stretch the dollar as far as they can. Even if you have an acceptable overhead expense rate, you can still come up on the short end when it comes to donation time. People want to give knowing their money will have a direct, positive impact. One way to combat this stigma is to promise donors that 100 percent of their donation will go to your mission-focused programming.

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The Problem with NPOs Using Go-To Geeks for Their Nonprofit Websites

Most organizations need some help when it comes to nonprofit websites.
Even in 2014, many nonprofits are struggling to find their best foot online.

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To All of Our Readers, We Say Thanks

So this Thanksgiving, my Hub family and I would like to thank you, our readers. Without you, we couldn’t have possibly dreamt of growing to our current level.

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6 Reasons to Consider a Monthly Giving Program

In the U.S., recurring donors typically account for less than 10% of an NPO’s supporter base. Many organizations don’t even have a monthly giving program. But with online donations, accepting recurring gifts has become a realistic option for nonprofits of all sizes.

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The #1 Question to Ask About Your Website’s Structure

Have you ever asked people in your target audience, “If we were to build the perfect website, what would it look like?” This is crucial—that we understand what the end user is looking for in our website.

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Why It’s Time to Throw Out Everything You Think You Know About Writing

When it comes to online writing, you should throw out everything you think you know about writing.