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The Reason Your Nonprofit Brand Revolves Around Your Website

Every dollar we receive from fundraising is given because that donor believes in us. They connect with the mission. And they trust that we’re going to use their money to achieve the mission. So how do we gain their trust in the first place to secure those fundraising dollars? At the 2014 AFP Conference, we...

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Top Trends in Nonprofit Marketing, Social Media and More—An Interview with Kivi Leroux Miller

Communication is at the basis of every solid relationship. And in the nonprofit world, relationships are what keep donors coming back for more. So what’s holding back nonprofits from taking the necessary marketing steps to secure more fundraising dollars and donors? Lack of time, budget and strategy all rank among the top hurdles nonprofits face….

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3 Reasons Why Your Donor Database Data Went Bad

If a mess accumulates, a normally useful workspace or set of tools becomes hard to use. We see this happen often within donor databases and nonprofit CRMs. Here are three reasons your donor database went bad.

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3 Reasons to Add Your NPO’s Phone Number to Google Search

Google is making it even easier for people to contact your organization. By using Corporate Contact markup on your nonprofit website, you can add your organization’s contact information to Google’s Knowledge panel in some searches.

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Get Social Covered: 13 Lesser Known Social Media Sites for Your NPO

You’ve got social media covered. Facebook? Please—you were an early adopter. And Twitter? You could do 140 characters or less in your sleep. But you’re just scratching the surface with those two mainstream social media sites. At the 2014 AFP International Conference on Fundraising in San Antonio, Lisa Chmiola and David Tinker helped us through…

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Millennials: Free Agents of Fundraising and Advocacy

Even though Millennials are the next generation of donors and constituents, leaders spend far more resources focused on maintaining their existing supporters rather than trying to cultivate new ones.

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Don’t be Afraid to Go Long on Facebook Posts

Short. Sweet. And to the point. That’s the way we’ve been programmed to post on Facebook or Twitter. It makes sense. Our users are busy. They’re scrolling through their timelines and want that quick shot of information. Let’s pump the brakes on ditching lengthy posts entirely. There is one kind of Facebook post that is…

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When Good Board Members Go Bad

All board members start out with the best of intentions. They’re in a new, exciting situation where they are ready to help people because they believe in the cause. But over time, interest begins to lessen. They become bored or disconnected from meetings and duties. Where did they go wrong? It may not be them…


Grading Where We Are Now in Our 2014 Goals

Nonprofits and graduating seniors are in the same boat right now. We are looking around and realizing that it’s already nearing the end of April. We become mystified and, honestly, shocked that this time of year is here. Now, we’re not joining the line for graduation, but our report cards should be coming in. It’s…


5 Tips for a Healthy Fundraising Plan

We want that fool-proof, iron-clad fundraising plan we see in the magazines. Those entrepreneurs who put time into their nonprofit’s bodies, strengthening them to become elite fundraisers today. How do we get there? What’s their secret? Just like any fitness goal, healthy fundraising begins with where we are now and where we want to be….

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All Roads Lead to the Email Machine

We know where we want our visitors to sign up for our email, but it’s not as simple as putting an email sign-up directly in the middle of the page. Our email sign-up is extremely important to the mission. That’s why we have to treat them like signs on a highway to tell visitors to…