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The Top 10 Single Largest Nonprofit Fundraising Events from 2014 [Infographic]

As a smaller nonprofit, it's easy to admire large fundraising events, but even small events can still produce a compelling amount of funds that can benefit organizations of all sizes.

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Hello, Trello: Why We’re Simply Loving It

With seven people working from multiple cities and locations, my team doesn’t have an option when it comes to online productivity.

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Donor Retention Made Simple

Are you overwhelmed by all of this donor retention talk? Small steps eventually add up to one giant leap. So let’s start small.

Featured Fundraising

Discovering Donors: Prospect Research Basics

Finding major gift donors without prospect research is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Fundraising is all about time.

Featured Fundraising Infographics

The Weight of Donor Retention [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic originally ran in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a free bi-monthly magazine dedicated to providing focused content on a particular topic. In our January/February edition, we explored how to keep donors around all year. To reserve your free copy of our March/April issue, sign up today.    ————————————————  

Featured Fundraising

Nonprofits Competing for Funds: How to Stand Out (If Necessary)

Let’s make your organization more efficient. Then we’ll focus on getting your NPO to stand out in a world where you’re competing for donation dollars.

Board of Directors

Why Your Nonprofit Should Have Millennials On Its Board of Directors

Millennials are coming into their prime. Born between the years of the early 1980s to the early 2000s, we’re basically unavoidable in your daily lives (and I mean that in the most loving, fellow-millennial sense). As with every previous generation, millennials have their fair share of doubters against their work ethic and potential to contribute…