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Getting Ready for Year-End Giving? 6 Ways to Make Your Donation Pages Better

One thing that tends to fall through the cracks amidst all the hoopla surrounding year-end giving is your website.

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Let’s Kickstart College Football AND Your Nonprofit

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people will gather together across all corners of the country to celebrate the dawning of a new season of college football. It’s an annual tradition that millions of people look forward to, and are counting down toward. For many, college football is not just a weekend hobby. It is an obsession and a lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be great if your organization could tap into that kind of following?

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Top 5 Wildest Nonprofit Fundraisers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Long before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took the summer by storm, organizations have enjoyed a history of hosting wacky nonprofit fundraisers. Here are the top five.

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What DoSomething.Org Can Teach You About Snapchat

For DoSomething.org, Snapchat is an effective strategy. But there are bigger takeaways for your organization about adopting the right social media channels.

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The Greatest Online Video Ever Made by a Nonprofit

I found the greatest online video ever made by a nonprofit. Yes, it’s true. It was published a few weeks ago by Greenpeace USA. But why is it the greatest?

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Why Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Likes Don’t Really Mean Much

Likes aren’t worth money. While they’re a point of pride for many nonprofits, ultimately they don’t feed a hungry child in Africa, provide clothing for the poor or a cure to cancer. It’s a click of a button, and nothing more. But what if nonprofit marketers got wise and figured out a way to combine…

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Forward Motion or Hamster Wheel? Where Does Your Nonprofit Sit with Goals for 2014?

While most companies dread setting goals, they’re an essential component to growing your NPO. Without goals, you’re on a hamster wheel—you’ll feel like you’re making progress, when in reality you’re not moving.

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Why Making Nonprofit Websites Mobile-Friendly Isn’t An Option Anymore

Step one of a solid nonprofit mobile marketing strategy is optimizing your website for mobile devices (meaning it’s responsive and appears correctly formatted on a smaller screen).


How Nonprofits Can Harness the Power of Crowdfunding

Is your nonprofit missing out on the wonderful world of crowdfunding? You should know what you’re getting into before you dip your toe in the crowdfunding pool.