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The Blueprint for Nonprofit Workplaces [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone wants to love what they do. But there's still some work to do. Check the infographic for more on how the nonprofit workplace culture is evolving.

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The Top 10 Corporate Philanthropists of 2013 [Infographic]

Does it seem like there’s a news story bashing companies for one business practice or another every day? While some may be justified, don’t forget that many NPOs receive generous donations from corporations.

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In the Market for a New Brand? Don’t Get “Brandjacked”

Can you imagine fundraising in an environment where everyone knows what your NPO is and what it does? It’s important you cultivate action. But with nonprofit branding, make sure you don’t get “brandjacked”

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9 Secretly Awesome Websites to Boost Productivity and Nonprofit Work Life

From finding cheap office furniture for newbie nonprofits to mastering your office-wide scheduling, behold, the mecca of useful websites to boost your office’s productivity.

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6 Lessons I Learned from Running a Nonprofit (Terribly)

Glean some wisdom without making the mistakes yourself. Discover the lessons I learned from running a nonprofit. (P.S.-I learned them the hard way.)

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Why the New Gmail Unsubscribe Feature Does Not Spell Doom

Send lots of emails? Worried about Gmail’s new unsubscribe feature? Read this.

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When Going Viral with Your Posts Can Have a Downside

There’s no formula for creating viral content. With so much publicity on the internet, your NPO becomes more susceptible to content jacking and more.


How a Big Cold Bucket of Ice Water Sparked a Fundraising Campaign

Hundreds of thousands of people are beating the heat this summer with…. Fundraising! If you’re wondering why your Facebook friends are pouring buckets of ice water over their head, it’s because of the Ice Bucket Challenge. In efforts to raise money and awareness for ALS research, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is better known as…

Nonprofit Web Design

Why Your Website Needs a Final Decision-Maker

Often times, designing a website becomes more about personnel compromise to include a little bit of everyones’ suggestions all mashed together. Everyone may get a little bit of what they want, but the end user will see this design and think it looks cluttered with no direction or purpose. Do you blame them? The best…

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Why New and Traditional Media Should Work Hand-in-Hand

Traditional forms of media aren’t always top of mind for NPOs. And even if it is, we sometimes get into the habit of creating a divide between digital and print marketing forms. But these traditional forms of media can be immensely effective, especially when paired with modern marketing tactics like social media outlets. Let’s say…