Don’t Quit on Your Fundraising Campaign Too Early

December is the biggest month for nonprofit fundraising, but that includes all 31 days...not just the first few weeks. So before you kick back and start partying while you sip hot apple cider by the fireside, check the pulse of your year-end campaign.

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The Ultimate 2015 Nonprofit Social Media Scheduling Guide

2015 is almost here, which means you should start thinking about all of your digital strategies—from email to social media, for the year to come.

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A Breakdown of the Success of #GivingTuesday 2014

#GivingTuesday was a big winner this year. In its third year, donations increased by a whopping 63 percent and totaled more than $45 million for charities.

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Love Thy Donor: 5 Ways to Increase Donor Retention

Around 60% of new donors only give once to that cause—however, showing love to your donors can be one of the driving factors behind donor retention

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Making the Most Difficult Ask—Legacy Giving

You’ve worked hard to build a solid relationship with each of your donors, but sometimes life happens and active donors become in memoriam donors. It’s a sensitive subject, but if you don’t have conversations with your donors about leaving legacy gifts, your nonprofit could miss out on an extra avenue to support your mission.

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The Truth About Email Graphics

Depending on which email client a person uses, there could be a default setting that automatically turns off the display of email graphics.

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The 7 Steps to a Successful (and Agile) Social Media Strategy

Some things will never be able to stay the same. Seasons come and go. Birthdays happen. We’re constantly in motion. And social media is always changing. But that’s no matter for you—the smart social media marketer. Because if you have an agile social media plan, you’ll be ready when the inevitable change happens. According to…