Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

One Nonprofit’s Anniversary Celebration Turns into a Bright Idea

One nonprofit's use of public art didn’t just act as a way to toot their horn, but it also provided awareness about their needs and served as a fundraiser.

Featured Social Media

How Your Organization Should Be Using Twitter Lists

Until recently, I hadn’t been taking full advantage of Twitter lists. In short, lists allow you to organize your feed and manage how you look at tweets.

Email Marketing Featured

Why Email Marketing Software is Holding Nonprofits Back from Great ROI

Email marketing software tools are great for one-way communication, but they fall short when consolidating supporter data, and offer restricted segmentation capabilities.

Donor Retention Featured Fundraising

3 Ways to Ruin Your Donor Database Before Entering Any Data

Any fundraiser who has ever used a donor database knows what a nightmare it can be if their nonprofit’s donor data is messy, inconsistent, inaccessible or nonexistent.

Nonprofit Web Design

5 Ways to Optimize Your Nonprofit Landing Page

Whether you want people to donate, volunteer or join your mailing list, landing pages are vital to engage your website visitors and get them to take action.

Featured Human Resources

The Difference Between Profit and Profitable

Profit isn’t a word that nonprofits feel comfortable with. But adding four letters is vital for nonprofits, and completely changes the meaning—profitable.

Nonprofit Technology Nonprofit Web Design

How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Online Reputation

While you can’t prevent negative reviews, especially in this day and age of social media, you can take control of your brand’s online reputation.