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Why Your Year-End Ask Should Last 12 Months

For an end-of-year campaign to be successful, it cannot be done during the final few months of the year. Instead, an effective end-of-year ask extends beyond one letter and incorporates multiple touch points with potential donors.

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Assembling Your Super Board of Directors [Infographic]

You need your own team of superheroes to help your cause. They each play a specific role to help fight off the evils of laziness, inaction and apathy. And now you can possess the power to fight for your nonprofit and the good of all humanity.

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No More Excuses—You Need to Call Every New Donor

It’s no secret that fundraising is all about building relationships. And when it comes to building relationships, nothing beats a personal, one-on-one interaction. Unfortunately, many development departments struggle with this.

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Google Algorithm Cheat Sheet for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are not the only busy bodies in 2014. Google has kept nonprofit marketers on their toes with iterations of Panda and Penguin, a new algorithm called Hummingbird, and in late July a local algorithm called Pigeon. Here’s your cheat sheet for all of them.

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Wear Your Brand Out: How to Use Clothing to Promote Your Nonprofit

Merchandising, if done properly, can greatly enhance the profile of your nonprofit. It gets your brand and mission out to the public more and isn’t a massive expense. The merchandise can also provide you with an additional revenue stream to help your bottom line. Start small and build from there. Every bit helps in the overall mission of your nonprofit—and if all works well, your organization as a whole.