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Lift Off: How to Create Your Initial Nonprofit Marketing Plan

While you are working on your logistics and the governance, don’t forget to take some time to develop an initial nonprofit marketing plan. This is your first step on the path to doing good, so you want to make sure that you start strong. Take time to work on your plan and don’t just fly by the seat of your pants.

Featured Starting a Nonprofit

5 Tips for Finding a Nonprofit Lawyer

When starting a nonprofit it’s easy to drown in a sea of paperwork, but using a nonprofit lawyer can save you from that demise. They draft documents, file forms and help you with any legal questions or problems that might occur.

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The Effects from One Month of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [Infographic]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a craze that swept the world. Take a look at the effects of the event, all happening in 30 days.

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Your Social Media is a Stepping Stone, Not a Bridge

The way to ensure that social media works for your organization is to use it as a larger working piece in conjunction with other things like your website.

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Five Winning Attributes of Winning Fundraisers

There are a lot of winning attributes of winning fundraisers, but the most important may surprise you.

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Fundraising, Children Rearing and How they Inform Your Nonprofit Marketing Practices

Fundraising is a lot like raising a child. Everyone has an opinion on how to best do it—which practices work, which don’t, which are essential and which should be replaced with newer, better methods.

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Pleasing the Masses with Your Nonprofit’s Online Donation Process

Online donors are fickle people. The environment has to be just right in order for them to donate to your nonprofit. Think of it like a first date—you want the stage set perfectly to make a great first impression.

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How to Use Google AdWords to Get Free Money

Thanks to Google Grants, qualifying nonprofits can use AdWords to help boost their public profile through a $10,000 a month grant to use on Google AdWords.