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Tales from the Trenches: How to Balance the Roles of Your Board of Directors

The Board of Directors play an important role in your nonprofit, but how do you choose them and balance the interest of your organization? Below are some ideas for two different types of board members: those who are active in the day-to-day operations and those who are not.

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The Secret to Unlocking Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Google Analytics without defined goals should be hard to imagine. It’s like peas without carrots, bread without butter or, dare I say, pie without ice cream. (Shriek!) Fine alone, for sure, but so much better together. Here are three reasons to set goals on Google Analytics.

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Why It’s Hard to be a Volunteer (And Even Harder for You to Find Them)

As nonprofits we’re often focused on the difficulties we face on our end—logistics, recruiting, finding jobs suited for each volunteer’s unique set of skills, etc. But we tend to overlook the difficulties volunteers face when trying to get involved with a NPO. In understanding what aspects of volunteerism frustrate them the most, perhaps you’ll have better luck at finding them.

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4 Lessons in Higher Education Engagement from “Animal House”

What can “Animal House” teach us about higher education engagement? Lots. Follow these tips and soon you’ll be saying, “Thank you sir, may I have another?!”

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Win Them Back: Reactivating Your Nonprofit Email Recipients

Are your email recipients inactive? Consider reactivating your nonprofit email recipients before cutting them loose.


How to Make Your Nonprofit Stand Out in the Fundraising Crowd

Follow these seven steps and learn how to make your nonprofit stand out in the fundraising crowd.

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Taking Advantage of New Twitter Analytics for Nonprofits

Follow this advice and get the most out of Twitter analytics for nonprofits.

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People are Talking About You: Are You Listening?

Let me ask you this: What is the worst thing someone could say about your nonprofit’s brand online?
The answer should be, “Nothing.”

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4 Ways to Make Your Shared Content More Engaging

You have amazing news to tell. Whether it’s the amount of money you’ve raised since opening or the number of people helped, you’ve got content worth sharing.

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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

One of the keys to successful online fundraising is having an updated, fully functioning email list. But before we talk about how to get people to opt-in to your email program, let’s look a little at why people opt out.