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[MCON 2015] Lessons from MCON via Twitter

A lot of successful, driven people sharing stories about how they are changing the world at MCON 2015. Here are some of the more poignant thoughts shared during the two-day conference.

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Three Crucial Elements of Donor Database Tools

All good donor database tools worth your time and money will include a dashboard, website integration tools and the ability to measure engagement.

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[MCON 2015] Millennials More Likely to Donate, Volunteer When Recruited by Peers vs. Bosses

In the 2015 Millennial Impact Report, which was released Tuesday by Achieve and The Case Foundation, details were released about who specifically impacts millennials. The report examined different ways millennials are impacted through three areas: give, influence and inspire.

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[MCON 2015] How to Develop Your Nonprofit Leadership with Minimal Resources

Developing leadership teams in the nonprofit sector is critical. Yet, Richard Brown, vice president of philanthropy at American Express, said many nonprofits lack the resources to develop their talents.

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Don’t Forget to Add a Dessert to Your Fundraising Dinner

Just like the meal, your fundraising should not stop at the main course. Adding a secondary money-raising aspect to the event, the equivalent of a fundraising dessert, will make it more successful and raise more money to help your nonprofit.

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The Way We’re Trying to Reach Millennials is Wrong

You’ve seen articles, infographics and webinars about it. You may have even sought out personal assistance on how in the world to reach this wonder demographic known as The Millennials. Yet there still doesn’t seem to be much definitive help as to how to reach this group. The problem is that there isn’t an adequate…