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Your 2016 Cause Camp Speaker Lineup Announcement

Without further adieu, we’re pleased to announce our Cause Camp speaker lineup for 2016. Cause Camp is an annual conference for nonprofit professionals held in Lincoln, Neb. at Innovation Campus, and it brings the best of the nonprofit sector together in one place. If you’re attending in-person, you’ll have access to a workshop on April...

Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Eight Ways to Grow Your Mission with Videos

Video marketing is so popular partly because it’s a highly effective engagement tool. Are you utilizing video to grow your mission?

Essential Nonprofit Library

How to Chart Donor Cultivation to Reach Fundraising Success

The term “donor cultivation” has the unique distinction of being universally accepted and appreciated but poorly understood and abysmally applied.

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Tools to Help Grow Your Social Media Audience

There are myriad products out there now for handling your social media following; many of them are bad, some of them are good and a precious few are indispensable.

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Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

How exactly is a communication plan crucial to your nonprofit? Today, we’re talking about relationships and how your communication plan can make or break the connections you make with your constituents.

Featured Social Media

Seven Tips for Using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Your nonprofit doesn’t have to be dubbed an “Influencer” on LinkedIn (a coveted invitation-only title) in order to build online influence. LinkedIn’s publishing platform provides an opportunity to expand your reach in a major way. But since all LinkedIn members have access to the platform, it’s important to share high-quality content that differentiates yourself from…