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3 Tips to Help Spark Your Organization’s Fire

When you work in the nonprofit sector, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your organization and glean any ounce of insight from other nonprofits.

Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

One of Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools is a Great Story

You have a wonderful opportunity to convey your mission on your website through powerful stories about the people you impact.

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How to Master Your NPO Content Marketing [VIDEO]

It’s a daunting task to think about how to start utilizing content marketing in your nonprofit. It’s also not easy to master it if you’ve already taken a stab at it. It just so happens that content marketing is Nonprofit Hub’s game. We’re here to make it a little easier and a lot less daunting…

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Plan

6 Examples of Nonprofits Working with For-Profits for a Greater Good

Partnerships between charities and for-profit companies go beyond writing a check. Nonprofits are tapping into resources from companies in different ways.

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How to Build Your Nonprofit’s Culture (One Brick at a Time)

Culture isn’t just for startups and businesses; it’s a fundamental part of every nonprofit’s DNA. Your nonprofit culture helps to define your brand.

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Myth Busters: Why Donors Shouldn’t Rely on the Overhead Ratio

Of all the information reported by nonprofits, overhead is often relied upon by donors too heavily.

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Ready, Set, End-of-Year Fundraise

While you don’t necessary have to sacrifice vacation time to plan your year-end giving plan (yet), it shouldn’t be far from your thoughts right now.